What’s the use of Montessori clothes rack?

One of the most representative Montessori education courses is the practical life course, which is usually divided into two parts: caring for oneself and caring for the environment. The button frame is one of the Montessori clothing frames, which is a life practice teaching tool used to develop children’s self-care skills.

7 small ways to create a Montessori home environment

When it comes to parenting, many families with young children are turning to the Montessori method. After all, it’s an approach that treats children as autonomous beings and gives them the respect they deserve. But how can we make room in our homes for our children without turning the place into a giant toy box? This list of seven helpful tips will help you get on the right path.

Purpose of using Montessori pink tower

The Montessori Pink Tower, one of the most iconic and popular Montessori materials, is a must-have teaching aid in almost every Montessori setting and school, primarily for sensory and visual activities that teach children size, dimension, and order. It consists of 10 pink cubes with equal lengths of 1 cm decreasing from 10 cm to […]

Where do I go to buy Montessori materials?

a book about great educators and their unique approach to education, and was amazed and intrigued by the unique teaching aids used in the Montessori method. Would you also like to try these unique and amazing teaching aids?

What is Montessori Imbucare box

The Imbucare Box is a very simple sensory aid for Montessori children. All you need is a box with a hole in the top and a cube to fit the hole and you can start your child’s play activities. It is suitable for children around one-year-old and is used to train children’s hands, hand-eye coordination, and fine hand movements and to introduce them to the concept of object permanence.

Montessori teaching aids-playing with cylindrical sockets

The Montessori socket cylinder is a teaching aid to develop children’s ability to visually observe and distinguish the size and dimensions of objects and to learn how to do exercises initially. Among the sensory teaching aids that appeal to 2-3-year-olds is this socket cylinder.

What is the Montessori Binomial Cube?

Montessori Binomial Cube is an early childhood education material for children (3-6) years old a sensory material and a mathematical material for children at the primary level. It consists of 8 cubes, 2 red, and blue cubes, the rest of the cubes have a pattern of red and black, blue and black. They are contained in a wooden box with a lid that has the pattern shown below