Which material is better for kindergarten furniture

Kindergarten furniture is an indispensable part of the kindergarten’s hardware facilities, mainly including bookshelves, baby beds, water cup cabinets, shoe cabinets, clothes cabinets, toy cabinets, and so on. Because wood is environmentally friendly and natural, most kindergarten furniture is made of wood. So, which kind of wood is better for kindergarten furniture? Generally speaking, the […]

What is the Montessori IC environment

What is the Montessori IC environment ? IC is the abbreviation of Infant Community in English, which means infant community/community. The IC environment is suitable for 12-14 months to 2 and a half to 3 years old. Unlike Nido, I.C. was established because of the needs of children, because at this age children need an […]

What is the Montessori Nido environment?

Nido is an Italian word meaning nest, which also means home, and the Nido environment should be like a family, a comfortable and warm space with toys and materials made of natural materials, all furniture and designs are made according to the child’s size, there will be soft carpets, comfortable mattresses, and low children’s sofas, etc. to ensure the children’s safety and provide a comfortable environment.