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Montessori Trays: Why, How, And When to Use Them

Montessori trays organize activities and foster a sense of independence and order. These trays are easy for a child to carry and include all the materials needed for an activity. Montessori trays and baskets offer variety without overwhelm and clutter, allowing for focused, uninterrupted play.

What is Stereognostic Sense in Montessori?

The Stereognostic sense, also known as tactile gnosis, is defined as the ability of humans to determine an object without tasting it, smelling it, looking at it, or even hearing it.

What is Practical Life

In Montessori, we offer young children useful activities that serve a real purpose. Children have beautiful child-sized materials that allow them to wash tables, dust shelves, polish silver, prepare food, and so much more. Although most traditional early childhood programs have a play area that includes cleaning items or kitchen toys, these items are for pretend, imitation, and play rather than for actually cleaning or cooking.

Should I buy Montessori Mirror?

Babies and toddlers are fascinated by mirrors. By observing themselves in the mirror they discover their own identity and movements. By grabbing the rail, children can pull themselves up and walk along the mirror.

Let’s talk Montessori materials!

Montessori materials are part of a step-by-step curriculum. There is an order to those materials. When and how to present them is important. It is not a matter of age even if observations since the time of Maria Montessori have shown an average age for each piece of material. In the classroom, we observe if a child is ready for a specific material. We will notice if the child shows an interest for a specific skill.

What’s the use of Montessori clothes rack?

One of the most representative Montessori education courses is the practical life course, which is usually divided into two parts: caring for oneself and caring for the environment. The button frame is one of the Montessori clothing frames, which is a life practice teaching tool used to develop children’s self-care skills.

What is Montessori Imbucare box

The Imbucare Box is a very simple sensory aid for Montessori children. All you need is a box with a hole in the top and a cube to fit the hole and you can start your child’s play activities. It is suitable for children around one-year-old and is used to train children’s hands, hand-eye coordination, and fine hand movements and to introduce them to the concept of object permanence.

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