Brief history of furniture for kids

These days you can get all manners of special furniture and educational toys from an online store. But it hasn’t always been so. The concept of childhood as a separate category didn’t really take off until the 20th century. Before that kids were treated like little adults. But everything changed with the ideas pioneered by Maria Montessori and other humanist educators.

Montessori mathematics teaching aids: Addition strip board

The Montessori addition strip board is a teaching aid that helps children relate addition operations. Using the addition bar board, children can practice and master the sequence of addition combinations from 1-9. The material includes a wooden board to assist with practice, a box of practice strips (9 red strips divided into squares and 9 plain blue strips with the numbers 1-9).

Montessori math materials: counting sticks

Purpose of the material:
1、Introduction to the concept of quantity.
2、Relate quantities to symbols.
3、Introduce the concept of length.
4、Introduction to the decimal metric system

What is the Pickler triangle?

simple terms, the Pueckler is a piece of play equipment, its shape is a solid wooden triangle, looks like a simple climbing frame. More suitable for children between the ages of six months and four to five years old than the traditional jungle gym with accessories such as a slide and swing, the Pueckler Triangle is a child-centered, educational and recreational piece of furniture, children are encouraged to practice their rough motor skills, allowing them to move freely, learn and learn at their own pace to recognize the limits of their bodies.