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How to Organize and Store Preschool Classroom Supplies?

Are you tired of the preschool classroom clutter? Do you want to create an organized and efficient learning space for your young students? Join us as we explore the art of organizing and storing preschool classroom supplies. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a well-structured and inspiring environment for both teachers and little learners.

The key is to establish a systematic approach that maximizes accessibility, promotes cleanliness, and supports educational activities. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to achieve an organized and functional preschool classroom.

Why is it important to have an organized classroom?

Having an organized classroom not only saves time but also promotes a positive learning environment. When everything has a designated place, teachers can easily find the materials they need, allowing for smooth transitions between activities and lessons. Additionally, an organized classroom helps children develop a sense of responsibility as they learn to clean up after themselves and return items to their proper locations.

Categorize and Label

The first step in organizing preschool classroom supplies is to categorize them into different groups. This could include art supplies, sensory materials, books, manipulatives, and more. Once you have identified the categories, it’s essential to label each storage container or shelf accordingly. Simple labels using words or pictures can help children locate and return items to their designated spots easily.

Utilize Clear Containers

Clear storage containers are a game-changer when it comes to organizing classroom supplies. They allow you to see what’s inside without having to open every container, saving you time and effort. Additionally, clear containers make it easier for children to identify and retrieve the materials they need. Consider investing in stackable containers of various sizes to maximize storage space and keep your supplies neatly arranged.

Create a Central Supply Station

Having a central supply station in your preschool classroom is a fantastic way to streamline the distribution and collection of materials. This designated area can house commonly used supplies such as glue sticks, scissors, markers, and paper. By having these items readily available, you can eliminate the need for children to search through multiple storage areas, reducing chaos and distractions during activities.

Implement Rotating Stations

Preschool classrooms often have a wide range of materials that are used for specific activities or themes. To avoid clutter and keep your classroom organized, consider implementing rotating stations. This means that only a select number of materials are accessible to children at any given time, while the rest are stored away. Rotating stations not only promote a clean and clutter-free environment but also help maintain children’s interest and engagement by introducing new materials periodically.

Donations and Wishlist

As a preschool teacher or caregiver, you know that supplies can quickly accumulate and become overwhelming. One way to manage this is by creating a donations and wishlist system. Reach out to parents, community members, or even local businesses and let them know what supplies your classroom needs. By creating a wishlist, you can ensure that you receive the items you truly need, while donations help keep your inventory fresh and exciting.

Engage the Children

Involving the children in the organization process can be both fun and educational. Teach them the importance of tidying up after themselves and show them how to return items to their designated spots. You can even assign “cleanup helpers” each day to assist in tidying up the classroom. By instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility in the children, you are not only teaching them valuable life skills but also promoting a harmonious and organized learning environment.

Regular Maintenance

Once you have established an organizational system for your preschool classroom supplies, it’s crucial to maintain it regularly. Set aside time each week to tidy up and restock materials as needed. Encourage children to take pride in their classroom by reminding them of the importance of keeping things organized. Regularly reassess your system and make adjustments as necessary to ensure its effectiveness.


Organizing and storing preschool classroom supplies may seem like a daunting task, but with a little planning and creativity, it can become a manageable and enjoyable process. By categorizing, labeling, and utilizing clear containers, you can create an organized environment that promotes independence and responsibility in young children. Remember to involve the children in the process and regularly maintain your system to ensure its success. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating a well-organized and inspiring preschool classroom!


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