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Pikler Triangle: All You Need to Know

Pikler Triangle

Pikler triangle is one of the rising stars among the Montessori toys.

Even though it was not designed by Maria Montessori, the philosophy behind the Pikler triangle is in accordance with the Montessori approach.

(If you’re too curious, you can take a look Xiha Montessori Pickler Triangle And Climbing Frame).

What is a Pikler triangle?

Pikler triangle is a climbing frame designed as a gross motor development tool for babies and toddlers. It encourages free movement and allows children to develop their physical strength and agility at their own pace. It was named after Hungarian physician Emmi Pikler. 

Emmi Pikler was a pediatrician who specialized in infant education and put her new theories into practice at the orphanage she ran. 

Pikler’s goal was to create a comforting environment that allows children to develop naturally, with an emphasis on free movement.

The triangle was popularized by one of her students, Magda Gerber, who brought it to the United States.

The Pikler triangle is sometimes simply called a “climbing frame” (which is exactly what it is), a “Montessori climbing ladder” or misspelled as “Pickler” or “Picklar” triangle.

Pikler triangle benefits

  • Develops gross motor skills
  • Improves spatial awareness
  • Promotes open-ended play
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Supports self-confidence

Pikler triangle is a perfect gross motor development tool.

It helps to build children’s better concentration and boost confidence in their own strengths. You can see it every time they climb a bit higher than the day before, or when they reach the top and see the world from a different perspective.

Pikler triangle enables children to improve their climbing techniques and balance.

The best thing about the Pikler triangle is that it’s a versatile, open-ended toy.

Its that awakens the children’s imagination. They can climbing “the mountain” or hiding in a “secret cave”

Besides the positive influence on the development of your child there are some practical advantages too:

It is foldable so you can store it easily when not in use (unlike some other wooden climbing toys)
It is a great indoor activity for any Montessori playroom, especially if the weather doesn’t allow to do some climbing outside in nature

Why is the Pikler triangle Montessori-friendly?

For both Pikler and Montessori, freedom of movement was essential for a child’s healthy development.

Dr. Pikler believed that a child who can move freely becomes more cautious and skillful than a child that is always protected and whose movement is limited

She called for the natural physical development of children, without any interference. As we know, child’s independence plays a crucial role in Montessori education. That’s one of the reasons why the Pikler triangle is so popular in Montessori families.

Montessori education also encourages free movement by establishing a safe environment where children can move without constant “Do not climb there!” or “Don’t touch that vase!”  behind their backs.

The latest studies confirm that healthy infants don’t need any walkers or bouncers, nor should they be propped to sit unless they’re able to do so by themselves.

Let them move freely, That them to strengthen all the muscles necessary for their natural development. They’ll become stronger, more confident in their motion and thus less prone to injury.

Toddlers should be given all the possible opportunities to move, run, jump and climb! And this is where the Pikler triangle comes into play as a great toy 🙂

How much buy a Pikler triangle cost?

Because Xihamontessori is a Chinese factory specializing in the manufacture of wooden products, the price will be reduced a lot, and the price will vary according to the purchase quantity and material

What is an ideal age to start with a Pikler triangle?

Most of the models can be used by children that can crawl – so as soon as the age of six months. The distances between the rods are made specifically to be suitable for the babies and toddlers, while not being an obstacle for older children.

What’s more, many models come equipped with various forms of sliding and climbing ramps that create various possibilities and even more fun for kids of all ages.


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