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Montessori Materials

Here are the most complete Montessori materials, and we have also independently developed Chinese series materials. We have strict requirements on the production process of the products, and quality and safety are always the first place. 

Montessori Furniture

Furniture is the main component of the classroom, here you can choose different materials and designs. We will provide you with a package that is more suitable for you.

Montessori GYM

The Montessori GYM series is prepared for Montessori at home, focusing on the development of children’s sports, training children’s sense of balance and courage. Including pikler triangle, learning tower, climbing frame, etc.

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Classroom Packages

Here is the easiest way to choose! If you have no idea about your classroom, we can directly provide you with the corresponding classroom bag, which is the most basic furniture and Mentesori materials needed for a classroom.

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