Geometric hierarchy of number

Geometric hierarchy of number


Geometric hierarchy of number




Green:19.6'' L *19.6''W*19.6''H            Red :1.96''L*19.6''W*19.6''H            Blue :1.96''L *1.96'W*19.6''H            Box : 9''L *1.5''W*1.1''H

Product details:

This set of teaching aids is used to represent the levels of numbers in the geometric form: 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, and 1000000. The precise nature of these materials makes it possible to visualize the concept and number family of decimal values through size comparison and a color-coding system. We use high-quality materials to make these teaching aids. You can rest assured that children can use them.

Size:  Green:19.6” L *19.6”W*19.6”H

Red :1.96”L*19.6”W*19.6”H

Blue :1.96”L *1.96’W*19.6”H

Box : 9”L *1.5”W*1.1”H