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The learning tower must be arranged for the child

Learning tower can enhance the independence of children’s furniture. Children can accomplish a lot of things you can’t imagine. This learning tower is very popular. Many three-year-old babies can even cook with the help of the learning tower! If you can’t believe it, five reasons to tell you, tell you the magic of the learning tower.

Uphold the educational philosophy

I believe that many mothers have heard of Montessori education. Montessori education is famous for improving children’s ability to focus. Montessori teaching AIDS is specially invented to improve children’s attention. The Montessori learning tower is derived from this concept, so the learning tower has strong enough educational theory support.

Material health protection

Learning tower material is the selection of pure solid wood material, the selection of high quality sea birch, environmental protection and health of solid wood, after more than 5 years of professional master’s to create, the use of safe and environmental protection paint; ​learning tower bearing capacity is quite nice, adults can stand on it without pressure, the baby is not a problem, learning tower really from the material, paint, bearing and other aspects to give children a safe and healthy guardian.

Applicable to multiple scenarios

In the kitchen, relieve the mother holding the child’s cooking trouble, the child can climb into the tower, participate in some safe kitchen activities, help the mother to wash vegetables, wash a fruit, do not underestimate the child’s ability to do.
In the bathroom, let the child have the ability to wash independently. With the help of the learning tower, the baby can wash his face and brush his teeth by himself. In fact, when the child feels that he can do it, the heart will have a strong sense of satisfaction and will drive him to overcome more difficulties.

​Multi-function use

In addition to helping babies enhance their independence, the learning tower can also be a flexible learning table. When the learning tower is unlocked and placed horizontal, babies can sit in the tower, read picture books, play with blocks and eat snacks. Children will enjoy their own alone time and focus for a long time, which is conducive to their future studies.

Earn respect and build a healthy parent-child relationship

In fact, most of the time, we ignore the child’s feelings, do not respect him from the baby’s perspective, ask and listen to his opinions. When the child’s height is improved, will see a different perspective, as parents, children should be treated like an equal height, ask, listen and feel more. A tacit understanding between each other is more conducive to the formation of a healthy parent-child relationship.


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