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About us

About Company

Xiha Montessori is a top manufacturer and supplier of preschool education facilities in China. Specialized in providing one-stop service for kindergartens and daycare centers around the world.

  • Our Mission To deliver superior education core concepts with our advanced technology. To drive the evolution of education while makeing the world a better place!
  • Our Vision To be the most valuable high-end children's educationa supplies service provider.



Years of Journey


Our Journey Begins

Born in 2001, our company kicked off with big dreams and a small, fiery team. This was the year we set out to change the game, blending technology with business in ways no one had imagined.

Our Journey Begins


Global Leap!

Going Global

In 2012, we caught the cross-border e-commerce wave, breaking down borders and connecting cultures. Our mission: to bring the world closer, one transaction at a time.

Going Global


Alibaba Alliance

Teaming Up with Alibaba

2014 was a game-changer! We partnered with Alibaba, stepping onto the global stage with a bang. This was our fast pass to e-commerce stardom, skyrocketing us into the hearts and carts of customers worldwide.

Teaming Up with Alibaba


Let’s Cheers!

First Meetup!

Fast forward to 2022, and we launched Xiha Montessori, our pride and joy. It's not just a brand; it's our way of shaping little minds with playful, Montessori-inspired products that make learning a joyride.

First Meetup!


Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Our diverse range of educational products, from Montessori essentials to Reggio-inspired materials and eco-friendly indoor sports, is designed to foster creativity, learning, and physical development. With options for custom solutions, we cater to unique educational needs, ensuring every child has the tools for success.

child girl playing with pink tower, developing sensory activities

Montessori Materials

Crafted for the Montessori method, our essentials aid in developing independence and sensory skills, enriching the early learning journey.
child girl in a linen apron sways on balancing board

Classroom Furniture

Classroom furniture is designed to emphasize functionality, flexibility and aesthetics. Products are carefully crafted to accommodate a variety of teaching styles.
Cute happy baby boy playing toys in his child room

Classroom Layout Examples

Browse a wide variety of classroom design solutions, offering customized classroom layouts to meet a variety of educational needs and styles.
smiling teacher playing with triangles with multiethnic kids in montessori school

Classroom Solutions

We offer tailored solutions for unique educational needs, ensuring every child has the right tools for their learning journey.

Sustainability Efforts

Xihamontessori Furniture integrates sustainability into our preschool furniture by using eco-friendly materials and green manufacturing. Our commitment ensures each piece is safe for kids and kind to the planet, helping to teach young learners about environmental stewardship. Choose Xihamontessori for furniture that supports a sustainable future.

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We are always here to assist you, whether you're looking to transform your preschool environment, have questions about our products, or need support with your existing furniture. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and ensuring your satisfaction.

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