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Xiha Montessori is a company with a strong sense of mission and a clear vision.

Our Vision

Become a world-class influential children's education product brand.

Our Mission

Helping every child to become the better one.

Our Values

PRINCIPLE : If you can’t do it, you admit that you can’t do it; if you promise, you must do it.

Our Values

SINCERITY: Be considerate of the other half in business activities and be honest with others.

Our Values

OPTIMISM: Always maintain a positive and happy attitude, and have a simple and grateful heart

Xiha Montessori. Co-founder

Steven Wang

I founded Xiha Montessori, our team is an experienced and dynamic young team. I hope to serve kindergartens around the world with the best products and help customers occupy the market with the best designs. I hope that Xiha Montessori’s products can serve as a good carrier to help spread the best educational ideas.

There are thousands of ways to achieve your goals. We only choose to go through step by step to realize it!



Steven Wang, Xiha Montessori, CEO
Our Team

Meet Our Team

Most of the team members have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, research and development, all design concepts from the child’s natural needs and scientific education system support, self-designed Chinese teaching aids and music teaching aids and other products widely acclaimed; materials, selected from around the world, high-quality wood and auxiliary materials, focusing on the quality of materials and customer experience; process, strict compliance with the process quality requirements, all products are All products have passed the international BV and SGS testing standards, and provide the most competitive price to global customers; environmental protection, through the European EN71 and ASTM test, we ensure the high quality and safety of products.


Why Xiha Montessori?


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Customer Reviews

One-stop supply case for kindergarten classrooms

We provided classroom design and production of all products for this Montessori kindergarten in Canada. Customers are very satisfied with the product quality and our service.

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