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Professional Supplier of Daycare Classroom Design Solutions​

Customize your daycare classroom design solution. Our team of designers and vendors offer a full range of services from daycare furniture selection to classroom layout and design.

Daycare Classroom Design Solutions2​

Daycare Classroom Design

20 years of customized, high-quality classroom design and furniture for daycare classrooms worldwide.

Customizable Daycare Furniture

Offering both standardized and customizable furniture solutions, with 2 factories and 30+ supply chain partners.

Montessori Education Excellence

A team with deep Montessori education expertise, leading the way in China's Montessori education industry.

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Most Popular Daycare Center Products

Discover our most popular daycare furniture products, not only do we offer daycare classroom design services, but we also customize furniture and equipment to fit your needs.

Innovative Daycare Classroom Furniture

Discover our range of height-adjustable tables, colorful bookshelves, safe play equipment, and more. Enhance your daycare with durable, functional, and inspiring furniture. We offer personalized consultations and free design services to create perfect learning spaces.

Daycare Centers

Daycare Centers

These are the most obvious settings for daycare furniture. Items like child-sized tables and chairs, nap mats, toy storage and activity centers are essential.
Home Daycare

Home Daycare

Essential items for home-based daycare include small dining tables, playpens, and toddler beds to cater to children's needs.
Children’s Libraries or Reading Areas

Children’s Reading Areas

Equipped with child-friendly bookshelves, bean bags, and small tables, this area caters to young children's reading and activities.
Playrooms in Community Centers

Community Center Playrooms

Community centers and religious institutions often need durable, safe daycare furniture for dedicated children's activity rooms.
Outdoor Playgrounds

Outdoor Playgrounds

Includes durable play equipment, picnic tables, benches, and child-oriented outdoor classrooms and amphitheaters.
Children’s Museums and Interactive Exhibits

Museum Play Areas

These places need robust, safe, and often creatively designed furniture to withstand heavy use and to engage children in educational activities.

Daycare Classroom Design Project Showcase

For nearly 20 years, Xiha Montessori has been providing services to preschools in the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Our focus is mainly on Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to preschool education

Quality Daycare Classroom Solutions Partner

we can help you choose the right products from our catalog and even provide custom daycare classroom designs.

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Our Service

  • Tailor-Made Designs: Tailored to the specific needs and themes of the daycare.
  • Versatile Product Range: Providing a wide range of products including daycare and Montessori furniture, tables, chairs, lockers, and other related items.

  • Classroom Design and Layout: Assisting clients in designing and planning the layout of their daycare spaces for optimal functionality and aesthetics.
  • End-to-End Service: Providing comprehensive service from furniture selection, customization, to delivery and installation.

  • High-Quality Products: Ensuring all products are top-quality and durable, suitable for the rigors of a daycare environment.
  • Safety Compliance: Products meet international safety standards, ensuring they are safe for use by children.

  • Worldwide Export: Ability to supply to kindergartens in various countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, France, and more.
  • Efficient Logistics: Managing efficient logistics for timely and reliable delivery across the globe.

  • Original Design Manufacturing (ODM): Services for designing and manufacturing products to meet the specific requirements of daycare centers.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM): Providing manufacturing services based on the client's designs and specifications.

  • Expert Consultation: Offering expert advice on selecting the right furniture and layout for kindergartens.
  • After-Sales Support: Providing robust after-sales support, including customer service for any queries or issues post-purchase.

Wholesale Pricing: Since your business model is B2B and wholesale only, you can offer competitive pricing beneficial for bulk purchases.

Provision of Certificates: Supplying products with necessary certifications for quality and safety, thereby instilling confidence in the buyers.

Trade Show Participation: Showcasing products in international trade shows, providing an opportunity for clients to see the products firsthand.

Language and Cultural Understanding: Bridging any language or cultural barriers for effective communication with international clients.

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Product Advantages

  • Innovative design: Our furniture is crafted using cutting-edge design principles that prioritize both function and form, ensuring every piece serves multiple purposes effectively.
  • Space-saving solutions: Innovative designs that maximize the use of space are perfect for daycare centers with limited space.
  • Thematic Consistency: We offer a range of thematic designs that can seamlessly integrate into various educational themes, creating a cohesive and immersive learning environment for children.

  • Hassle-free maintenance: our furniture is designed with maintenance in mind. Surfaces are treated to resist stains and spills, making them easy to clean and maintain.
  • Lasting quality for daily use: Daycare furniture is subjected to a lot of use and cleaning. Our products undergo rigorous testing to maintain their structural integrity and beauty over time.

  • High-Quality Materials: Made with top-grade materials that ensure longevity and can withstand the daily wear and tear of a daycare setting.
  • Robust Construction: Each piece is constructed with precision and care, ensuring that it is sturdy, safe, and reliable for use by children.

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Choosing Daycare Furniture: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Browse our high-quality and safe daycare furniture selection to create a comfortable and inspiring learning environment for your students.

Materials Selections: Customizable Options

classroom Beech



classroom birch



classroom ply-wood



classroom pine-wood



classroom MDF



classroom OAK



Estimated Manufacturing And Shipping Times

Product Selection


You can browse our product catalog to select the preschool furniture you desire, or collaborate with our design team to choose products through professional classroom design.

Material Processing


Upon confirmation and payment, we begin by sourcing high-quality materials, cutting boards, and conducting two rounds of polishing for smooth, burr-free edges.



After preparing the materials, we proceed to paint the products, ensuring thorough drying. We apply 2-3 coats of paint for a high-quality finish and employ precision carving or silk screen printing for any required designs or logos.

Quality Inspection


In this phase, we assemble the products and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure they meet our quality standards. This includes checking the joints, fasteners, and any moving parts to ensure they function properly.

Secure Packaging


Once the products pass the inspection, we carefully pack them to ensure they are protected during transportation. We then ship the products to the customer's location.

Layout Assistance


Finally, we provide the customer with a layout diagram or recommendations on how to best arrange and install the products in their space.

Why Montessori Education is Perfect for Your Daycare Center

Are you considering opening a daycare center and wondering what educational approach to take? Look no further than Montessori education. Here are a few reasons why Montessori education is perfect for your daycare center:

One of the core principles of Montessori education is promoting self-directed learning. This approach allows children to learn at their own pace and encourages independence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Montessori materials and activities are designed to encourage hands-on learning, which is particularly effective for young children. These materials allow children to explore and discover concepts on their own, making learning more engaging and fun.

The Montessori method instills a love of learning in children at an early age. By encouraging curiosity and exploration, children who attend a Montessori daycare center often retain a love of learning into adulthood.

Montessori daycare classroom

Tips for Choosing Montessori Furniture

When setting up your Montessori daycare center. The furniture should be the right size for young children, easy to use, and made from safe, durable, and non-toxic materials. It should also be functional and aesthetically pleasing, supporting the natural learning process of children. Most importantly, the furniture should promote independence and encourage exploration, in line with the core principles of the Montessori approach.

Montessori education offers a unique and effective approach to early childhood education. By promoting self-directed learning, hands-on exploration, and a love of learning, Montessori education is perfect for your daycare center. Remember to choose furniture that aligns with Montessori principles to create a nurturing and engaging learning environment for your young students.

Hello Dears! Do you know

The Importance of DayCare Classroom Design

Daycare classroom design is an art and science that involves creating a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment conducive to early learning. The design of these spaces plays a pivotal role in shaping the experiences and behaviors of young learners, influencing their interactions, activities, and overall development.

Designing for Learning and Development

Educational Zones
We design distinct educational zones within the daycare, each tailored to different aspects of child development. From tactile sensory areas to imaginative role-play corners and well-stocked reading nooks, our environments stimulate curiosity and learning.
Interactive Elements
Incorporating interactive elements like smart boards, manipulative play materials, and science experiment stations, we enrich the daycare experience, making learning both fun and impactful.
Outdoor Play Areas
Daycare classroom outdoor designs extend learning beyond the classroom, featuring play structures, featuring play structures, gardens, and nature trails that encourage physical activity and environmental awareness.

Latest Blog with Daycare

What are some classroom rules for kindergarten?

What are some classroom rules for kindergarten?

Classroom rules for kindergarten are simple, clear and positive. These rules often include expectations for listening to the teacher, raising your hand before speaking, being kind to classmates, and following directions

The Most Comprehensive Daycare Classroom Ideas

The Most Comprehensive Daycare Classroom Ideas

Daycare classroom ideas take into account age-appropriate design, effective storage solutions, high-quality furniture purchases, basic supplies, and the overall importance of these elements.

Perfect Daycare Classroom Decoration Ideas

Perfect Daycare Classroom Decoration Ideas

Decorating a daycare classroom involves choosing colors, furniture, and educational materials that are age-appropriate and conducive to learning and growth.

Things to Consider When Buying Daycare Furniture

When purchasing daycare furniture from suppliers, it's crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls. Avoiding these common mistakes can save you time, money, and ensure the safety and satisfaction of your daycare environment. Here are some key pitfalls to avoid:

  • Cheap Materials: Avoid furniture made from low-quality materials; it may be less durable and need frequent replacements.
  • Safety Risks: Cheaper furniture might not meet safety standards, posing a risk to children.

  • Non-compliance: Furniture that doesn't comply with safety standards can lead to accidents or health hazards.
  • Lack of Certifications: Avoid suppliers who can't provide proof of compliance with safety standards.

  • New or Unknown Suppliers: Be cautious with suppliers who have little to no track record in the industry.
  • Negative Reviews: Avoid suppliers with a history of negative reviews or unresolved customer complaints.

  • Limited Options: Avoid suppliers who offer limited customization options if you have specific needs for your daycare.
  • Inflexibility: Some suppliers may not accommodate changes or custom requests after an order is placed.

  • No Warranty: Avoid suppliers who do not offer a warranty or guarantee on their products.
  • Poor Customer Service: Suppliers who are unresponsive or unhelpful post-purchase can be a major issue if problems arise.

  • Long Delivery Times: Avoid suppliers who cannot commit to a reasonable delivery timeline.
  • High Shipping Costs: Be wary of suppliers who charge excessively for shipping, especially for international deliveries.

Environmental Impact: In today's eco-conscious world, ignoring the environmental impact of your purchases can reflect poorly on your business.

  • Not Shopping Around: Avoid settling on the first supplier you find without comparing prices and terms with others.
  • Accepting First Offer: Always try to negotiate; suppliers often have room to give better terms or prices.

  • Language Barriers: Misunderstandings due to language barriers can lead to wrong orders or unmet expectations.
  • Vague Terms: Avoid suppliers who are not clear and specific in their communication, especially regarding terms and conditions.

  • Specific Industry Knowledge: Suppliers experienced in the education sector will have a better understanding of the unique needs of daycare and educational environments. This includes knowledge about what types of furniture are best suited for young children's learning and play, ergonomics, and safety.
  • Appropriate Design and Functionality: An experienced supplier will offer products that are not just durable and safe, but also designed to enhance the learning experience. This can include furniture that encourages interaction, creativity, and organization, such as modular pieces, activity tables, or storage solutions that are child-friendly.
  • Insight into Educational Trends: Suppliers with a background in the education industry will be more in tune with the latest trends and needs in educational furniture. This includes being aware of changes in educational philosophies, like Montessori or STEAM learning, and offering products that support these methods.
  • Reference Cases and Testimonials: An experienced supplier should be able to provide references or case studies from other educational institutions. This not only serves as proof of their experience but also gives you insights into how their furniture has been utilized effectively in similar settings.
  • Consultative Approach: Suppliers with educational expertise often offer a more consultative approach to sales. They can provide valuable advice on how to create an optimal learning environment with their furniture, which is a significant added value beyond just the product itself.
  • Compliance with Educational Standards: Such suppliers are more likely to be aware of and comply with any specific regulations or standards that apply to educational furniture, which can vary significantly from general consumer furniture standards.

China Daycare Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier

We are confident that we can meet all your requirements for preschool furniture and toys.

We have two factories in China specializing in children’s furniture and one specializing in children’s toys. In terms of the children’s education system, we have 20 years of service experience, focusing on Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf, and other education systems.We provide one-stop solutions for classroom design and classroom layout for kindergartens and other educational institutions around the world.

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