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Classroom Design

We offer a one-stop service for kindergarten facilities globally, emphasizing the importance of creating safe and stimulating environments for young children to learn and grow. Our comprehensive services ensure that kindergartens are fully equipped with all the necessary facilities, equipment, and materials they need to deliver top-quality education and care. Additionally, we provide classroom layout examples to aid in designing optimal learning spaces.

We offer global kindergarten services, including necessary equipment and classroom layout examples

Preschool to Primary

Classroom Designs for Early Learning

Explore classroom designs tailored for early education, emphasizing safety, adaptability, and engagement. Our solutions cater to preschool and primary students, featuring ergonomic furniture and dynamic layouts that support diverse learning styles. We also provide classroom layout examples to foster a love for learning.

  • Design Philosophy Safety and adaptability are at the core, inspiring curiosity in preschoolers and supporting diverse learning in primary students.
  • Featured Furniture Includes durable, easy-to-clean furniture with adjustable features to accommodate growing children.
  • Integration and Interactivity Our classrooms blend sensory areas and technology, enhancing engagement across all ages.
  • Layouts and Storage Efficient layouts optimize space for both active play and focused study, with smart storage to keep areas organized.

Custom Classroom Design Services

Unlock the full potential of your learning spaces with our tailored design services. From intimate preschool rooms to expansive primary school settings, we offer bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs.

Floor Plans

We provide tailored floor plans to make the most of your space.

2D & 3D Layouts

Get a clear view with our detailed 2D and realistic 3D designs.

Special Design

Work with our team to customize designs for any classroom size.
Design Integration

Design Integration

Enhance classrooms with functional and aesthetic design features.

Check Out Our Work

classroom layout examples


ROOM: 42m² / KIDS: 10

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ROOM: 72m² / KIDS: 24

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ROOM: 66m² / KIDS: 18

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Classroomscapes Sets

Discover our Classroomscapes Sets, showcasing innovative learning corners designed to inspire. Explore our product page for a variety of classroom layout examples, perfectly suited to enhance any educational environment.

Discover More Inspirations! ✨

Dive deeper into our collection of detailed 3D classroom designs. Let's make your educational space a model of creativity and efficiency. 

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