Birth To 18 Months

From the day they are born, infants are constantly learning and experiencing new sensations every day. They learn how to move their bodies, communicate their emotions and desires, and interact with the adults in their lives. Because they are always discovering new things, infants need to be in welcoming, familiar environments that encourage their experimentation and interactions with the world around them, while also being large enough to include their caretakers.


18 Months To 3 Years

As toddlers grow, a desire for independence begins to sprout. They want the ability to choose, decide what appeals to them and express themselves. Ensuring that they are in an environment that naturally encourages all of these things is vital for their development. Appropriately-sized furniture, cushioned seating and natural colors all encourage children to comfortably exert their new-found independence and make their own choices and discoveries.


3 Years To 5 Years

Preschool is an exciting time in a child’s life. They branch out to try new things, learn how to make friends, and begin to express their thoughts and ideas more fully. Nurturing their curiosities and social growth is very important at this stage, and will establish how they approach learning and communicating with their peers for the rest of their lives. Children need the right environment and educators to help them grow into bright, inquisitive learners.


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