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The best Montessori learning tower for kids

The core function of the Learning Tower has a large standing space, so that children can stand on it comfortably and loosely. At the same time, taking into account the convenience of children to go up and down independently, we have made the steps extend outward, and the trapezoidal ladder is more ergonomic compared to the upright ladder. Both sides of the latch, so that the product is more secure.

Montessori in the Kitchen: Cooking with Your Child

A good Montessori preschool will have a wide variety of these materials for children to use in the classroom during what is called practical life activities. The purpose of these activities is to help the child gain control in coordination of movement, become an independent individual, and develop a sense of being and belonging in society.

The learning tower must be arranged for the child

We may not want our children to grow up and become independent, but it is inevitable. What we can do is help our little ones by providing them with the tools they need to build their independence, confidence, and boundaries. Kitchen Towers will assist you in turning ordinary cooking into an exciting experience for both you and your young chief, while also keeping the child safe from dangerous objects. Be aware, that from now on, you might not need to wash your plates anymore as your child can do it himself, because they can easily move the Kitchen Tower around and get up where they otherwise couldn’t.

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