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The best Montessori learning tower for kids

What is Montessori Learning Tower

If you’ve heard of Montessori, chances are you know about the Montessori Learning Tower.

Learning towers are a popular product that many families choose to use in their homes.

A learning tower is a piece of household furniture that helps parents engage their children in cooking and other kitchen tasks more safely and easily.

Also, learning towers are known by a number of other names
For example
Toddler Tower
Kitchen Helper
Montessori Learning Tower
So, if you see such names then they all refer to the same item.

A learning tower is a piece of furniture that is usually placed in the kitchen to help children with a stepping stool, or it can be placed in front of the bathroom or dresser so that the child can have enough height to participate in the process of cooking, washing hands, and grooming themselves.

Learning Tower is one of Montessori’s teaching aids.

  • 🔥The kitchen is a very important parent-child space, and the Learning Tower makes the kitchen a place where children can actively explore, learn and have fun.
  • 🔥Preparing ingredients together with children in the kitchen allows children to know food and learn how to turn food into food. In this process, the child’s sensory coordination and fine motor skills will be greatly enhanced.
  • 🔥Let the beautiful children and their mothers dress up together in front of the mirror to experience the fun of being “adults”.

The best quality and most suitable learning tower

Features: Simple design, foldable, independent climbing, can be turned into a folding activity table, painting blackboard

Features: One-piece learning tower

Can follow the height of the child to adjust the height, so that children have the most comfortable use experience.

Features: Does not take up space and is easy to store.

When the child climbs into the learning tower, the guardrail will automatically lock to ensure the safety of the child in the tow

Features: High-value color scheme, easy to match with the home.

With removable convenient small chair.

Under the condition of safeguarding the safety of young children, it allows them to carry out independent self-directed activities

The core function of the Learning Tower has a large standing space, so that children can stand on it comfortably and loosely. At the same time, taking into account the convenience of children to go up and down independently, we have made the steps extend outward, and the trapezoidal ladder is more ergonomic compared to the upright ladder. Both sides of the latch, so that the product is safer, will not fall over or pinch children.

Montessori Learning Tower features

  1. Surrounded by baffles, safety.
    Although children can also step on a small stool or chair at home, but there is a risk of falling from a high place. kitchen Help surrounded by baffles, the base is stable, so that the baby can play with some peace of mind.
  2. Mom in the kitchen busy at the same time, you can also accompany the baby.
    The baby stands on the Learning Tower, with the mother preparing food and cooking on the same table, there are many small activities and games can be done.
  3. Different modifications can be made.
    Learning Tower has different types, some can be folded for easy storage, some can be turned into a table and chair combination, and some side is a blackboard can let the baby doodle. Parents can choose to transform according to the structure of the room.

Suitable age

1-7 years old baby, let the child slowly familiar with the learning tower, with the growth of age, will create a sense of independence, almost at the age of two or three years old can wash independently.

Applicable scenarios.

  • Kitchen: This is the most frequently used scene of the learning tower, when the mother has no time to take care of the baby when cooking, you can let the child climb up the learning tower and participate in the production of food together.
  • Bathroom: Baby can wash by themselves through the learning tower, learn to wash their own face and brush their teeth, before received feedback from a customer that his baby from the beginning to resist being forced to brush their teeth, to now can take the initiative to brush their own teeth, she really can not believe!

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