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The benefits of being bored

A busy kid is a happy kid, but what about a bored kid? Well, contrary to what your little complainer may think, a bit of boredom is actually a good thing.

An award-winning approach to outdoor learning

Young children need sensory stimulation and room to move, so instead of keeping kids indoors, many early learning services recognise the importance of outdoor play and offer a variety of open-air experiences. 

How a group mentality influences preschoolers’ behaviour

Grown-ups are role models, rule-makers, mentors and disciplinarians all rolled into one, and it’s our job to support littlies as they learn to regulate their emotions and behaviour and grow their pro-social skills and independence.

Why is play so beneficial for young children?

Parents and children experience, ‘Mutual joy and shared attunement’ when playing together, and that this can lower stress levels and provide valuable opportunities to communicate, engage and bond.

How fewer toys leads to higher quality play

Toys are a fun way to develop youngsters’ motor skills, enliven their imagination, encourage social skills, practice problem-solving and foster independence, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Learning Experiences To Stimulate Your Child’s Development

With the right level of brain stimulation in a nurturing environment, a child will be able to reach their potential. The relationships fostered in early childhood education are essential components for establishing confident and capable learners.

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