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Education concept

How to create a “Montessori classroom”

Montessori focuses on the self-education of children through its original teaching aids. The major difference between Montessori and mainstream education is that when a child needs to do something, he or she does not say, “Mom, help me do it. Instead, she says, “Help me do it myself, so I can do it by myself. Everyone’s skills and confidence are gained through practice. If parents help out at this point, helping over and over again, children will not have the opportunity to practice and build confidence, and they will not be able to grow independently.

Education concept

The Montessori Method: Letting children “be themselves” independently

pposed the traditional teacher-centered education, education should be child-centered. Because Montessori believes that children have great potential, the development of children’s lives is towards independence, should create a “children’s world” centered on them, so that they can independently “be themselves” so that they can independently explore and learn.


Do children with Montessori education have difficulty adjusting to elementary school?

The common misconception that Montessori children are free to do whatever they want to do is due to a misunderstanding of the balance between freedom and restriction in Montessori theory.
Freedom is not an absolute indulgence, allowing children to do whatever they want to do. True freedom should be “freedom with limits” and should be based on rules.

Montessori material introduction

Five points of difference between Montessori teaching aids and toys

Montessori work materials, also known as Montessori teaching aids, provide young children with the best way to combine spirit and matter, and are created on the basis of careful observation and careful consideration of young children, with each aid being uniquely designed and made.
Montessori teaching aids are not teaching tools for teachers, but “materials” for children to do “growth work”.


Why prepare climbing frames for children

Regardless of age, adventure is children’s nature. For children, play is their way to explore the world and plays an important role in developing their imagination. A climbing frame is a good toy for children to exercise. It can promote children’s physical and mental development, strengthen the interaction with friends, enhance children’s sports skills, and release children’s nature to explore the world freely. Maybe some people are still hesitating whether to buy the climbing frame, please take a look at our suggestions.

Production Process

What is the Pickler triangle?

simple terms, the Pueckler is a piece of play equipment, its shape is a solid wooden triangle, looks like a simple climbing frame. More suitable for children between the ages of six months and four to five years old than the traditional jungle gym with accessories such as a slide and swing, the Pueckler Triangle is a child-centered, educational and recreational piece of furniture, children are encouraged to practice their rough motor skills, allowing them to move freely, learn and learn at their own pace to recognize the limits of their bodies.

Montessori material introduction

Choose the right learning tower for you

The Leaning Tower, also known as the kitchen helper, is a kitchen stool with a safety feature, a children’s piece of furniture that is highly recommended in Maria Montessori’s teaching method. Learning towers enable young children and preschoolers to participate in family activities, such as cooking and cleaning, to encourage interaction between children and parents while facilitating children’s acquisition of real-life skills and experiences, help young children develop their independence.


Why prepare a learning tower for your children

If you have a child, you must have experienced the vigor and curiosity of toddlers when they reach the age of walking! They will want to try anything they can touch! You have to spare time and energy during a busy day of daily chores and daily work to accompany your children to explore the world. I believe this is a very busy and hard-working experience.

Education concept

Master the basis of Montessori education

Montessori education is an educational method developed by Italian psychologist and educationist Maria Montessori. For children from birth to 18 years of age. The characteristics of the Montessori education method are that it emphasizes independence, limited freedom, and respect for children’s natural psychological, physiological and social development.


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