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Montessori material introduction

Montessori teaching aids-playing with cylindrical sockets

The Montessori socket cylinder is a teaching aid to develop children’s ability to visually observe and distinguish the size and dimensions of objects and to learn how to do exercises initially. Among the sensory teaching aids that appeal to 2-3-year-olds is this socket cylinder.

Montessori material introduction

What is the Montessori Binomial Cube?

Montessori Binomial Cube is an early childhood education material for children (3-6) years old a sensory material and a mathematical material for children at the primary level. It consists of 8 cubes, 2 red, and blue cubes, the rest of the cubes have a pattern of red and black, blue and black. They are contained in a wooden box with a lid that has the pattern shown below

Production Process

Montessori mathematics teaching aids: Addition strip board

The Montessori addition strip board is a teaching aid that helps children relate addition operations. Using the addition bar board, children can practice and master the sequence of addition combinations from 1-9. The material includes a wooden board to assist with practice, a box of practice strips (9 red strips divided into squares and 9 plain blue strips with the numbers 1-9).

Education concept

Meet Montessori Education

The content of Montessori teaching can be roughly divided into five major areas according to the types of teaching aids, namely, daily life education, sensory education, language education, mathematics education, and natural and humanistic education. Most of the teaching in these five areas is done through the proper demonstration of teaching aids, and children are allowed to do it by hand. Through repetitive practice and with the assistance of a facilitator, children experience the entire learning process alone and build their minds.


What kind of toys are good?

No amount of toys and programs can replace true love. But a functional and sturdy toy that is suitable for your child’s development – will be a good helper for your child’s love and care, and the results will be obvious.

Education concept

Create a Montessori philosophy home to unleash the full potential of your child!

The first thing is to give your child plenty of love and companionship。
Your child’s education is not just a matter of leaving it to the teacher, but it is equally important at home. Some parents are so fond of Montessori that they want to create a Montessori space for their children at home and make the room look like a kindergarten classroom.

Production Process

Montessori math materials: counting sticks

Purpose of the material:
1、Introduction to the concept of quantity.
2、Relate quantities to symbols.
3、Introduce the concept of length.
4、Introduction to the decimal metric system


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