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Busy Boards: Educational Toys for Toddlers

Montessori boards and Pikler furniture provided by the XIHA Montessori online store serve as the optimal educational toys since they help kids develop their physical, motor, and mental skills at the same time. Furthermore, they enhance children’s cognitive and social skills, boosting their personality development in the process too.

On this page, we intend to tell you a little about the sensory walls and touch and feel board for infants, describe their advantages, and mention a few examples so that you have a better idea of how they work.

Busy Boards

Commonly known under several names, like Montessori touch, busy, or feel and touch boards, they comprise numerous games where a child must move around or sort out various items on the board. The actual objects include all sorts of things related to the infant’s world and typically cover:

  • Items of clothing, like hats and shoes
  • Samples of wildlife, like flowers, trees, and animals
  • More or less complex geometric shapes

These objects come in all sorts of bright and visually attractive colors and shapes, and their surfaces vary in texture too. The ultimate aim of these variations is to help the infant discover the joy and beauty of learning new things and developing as a person.

Strictly speaking, there are no age limits for using a busy board. You may try it with your kids at any age as long as they find it gripping enough to want to play with it. The boards have even been attractive and therapeutic in the cases of specific developmental challenges, such as autism.

Benefits of Feel Boards

Playing with these objects on the board helps the child develop in several directions at the same time:

  • Learning the Language

For one thing, it stimulates them to learn new words, expanding their vocab and grasping some basic syntactic and phonetic structures in the process.

  • Mastering Fine Finger Work

Fine motor skills are the most significant and indispensable part of early education, affecting all areas of the kid’s development in the end, from speech defects and analytical thinking to problem resolution skills. While babies and toddlers think with their bodies, and adults, hopefully, with their heads, we may say that young infants do it with their fingers.

  • Learning to Think

Moving the objects around the board, the child is busy solving more or less complex analytical problems, making the touch and feel board for infants particularly good at helping them master fundamental cognitive skills and enhancing their logical thinking.

  • Discovering the World

Not insignificantly, the child learns something about the world he lives in, the connections between objects and events, and the names for these relations. That is by far the most exciting part of the entire process for a kid of any age.

Sensory Walls

Alternatively, you may get some sensory walls, also known as sensory boards, for your kids to get involved in a considerably more complex and detailed play. Typically, these walls are much bigger and include more parts that the child can manipulate.

Additional Benefits of Sensory Walls

1. Sensory walls are more gripping and enjoyable because they include more details, so children tend to sustain their attention on the activity considerably longer than it happens with the touch and feel boards.

2. Sensory boards are also more convenient to use since you can fix them on the walls in the house or bring them out for the kids to enjoy the game in the garden.

Multicolor Activity Busy Boards

Equally suitable for kids from one to eight years of age, these panels focus on different activities to stimulate your child’s logical thinking, spatial coordination, and fine finger work. The boards are available in different sizes and colors, equally suitable for boys and girls.

Sensory Wall Sets

We constantly upgrade our selection of sensory walls. Regularly changing the topics for your child will keep him curious about the toys, never lose interest in the play, and expand his mental horizons as well.

Do-It-Yourself Boards

We also provide customized toys for different developmental areas. For example, some boards target motor skills, while others facilitate analytical thinking. And like the rest of the toys in our collection, these boards come in different colors, sizes, and other technical specifications.

Multifunctional Outdoor Walls

These include several panels in a package, which you can use indoors or outside the house. The items on the boards include cover multiple themes, and their selection is so rich in detail that your kids will enjoy them for quite a long time and learn a lot from them in the process.

Toddlers Furniture

In addition, we offer compact and portable Pikler climbers and triangles for you kids to:

  • Build their muscles
  • Improve their spatial self-awareness and physical balance
  • Develop their self-confidence and creativity
  • Discover their social boundaries
  • Practice their interpersonal skills

All our products are of excellent quality and made of healthy organic materials. We can also customize the design to meet your specifications. And we provide prompt and inexpensive worldwide delivery too. Contact us on our website for additional questions, and let us help your kids grow happy and healthy.


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