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Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home Which Help In Child Development

We all know that young children and toddlers just love to have fun. It’s also an extremely impressionable age where children develop and learn, so it’s vital to include activities that are both educational and fun. 

This article is going to focus on learning activities for toddlers and young children, basically fun things to do with kids at home that will help with childhood development. 

Playing In the Sand 

What young child or toddler doesn’t like playing in the sand? Of course, there’s no need to live near a beach, as you can always build a sandpit in the backyard. Playing with sand is one of the best learning activities for toddlers at home. 

As a young kid digs in the sand, sifts through the sand, builds things and then knocks them down, their young bodies and minds are developing in the process. This process teaches them how to work and also builds some self-confidence. When they play with another child or adult, they also learn things like teamwork. 

If you’re looking for learning games for toddlers at home, start with a sandpit and some simple plastic tools. 

Playing With Water Is Also Great 

When it comes to games to play at home with kids, every child has loads of fun playing with water and it’s safe and harmless, even for toddlers. Children develop important eye/hand coordination, learn about volumes, get to play with a whole range of fun toys and will have a laugh getting wet in the process. Because of the latter, they also learn a little bit about the consequences of their actions. 

Backyard Playgrounds 

While toddlers likely won’t be climbing and swinging, young children who are slightly older love playgrounds. It’s an awesome way for children to build their physical strength, improve coordination and balance and have a fantastic time in the process. 

So long as the backyard playground is small and built safe, chances of injuries are minimal, and it’s always wise to supervise young children while they do play. 

Children need to learn to take a few minor risks at a young age, as this will help them to step out with confidence as they grow older. 

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Playing Among Nature 

Getting out among nature doesn’t necessarily mean having to leave the house. Most Aussie homes will have yards and gardens for children to play around in, environments where they can learn about different plants and flowers and observe birds, insects, lizards and other interesting critters. 

Just about all children are fascinated with things in nature and it’s an excellent way for them to learn more about it; especially if accompanied by an adult who can explain things. 

You’ll be able to teach them the names of flowers and plants, as well as wildlife. 

What About Indoor Activities for Children At Home? 

To list all the possible indoor activities that can help with early childhood development would likely take up a whole book, but let’s focus on a select few things kids can do inside at home that will train their young brains and bodies. 

Painting and drawing are awesome for children to develop their creative faculties, along with eye/hand coordination. Another interesting aspect about painting and drawing is you could discover that your child has a real talent for it that should be nurtured. 

Things like music, singing and dancing are also a lot of fun and once again will help young children be creative and develop an appreciation for these art forms. 

For toddlers, playing around with building blocks and similar toys can teach them how to plan, learn how things go together, good eye and hand coordination, problem-solving skills and more. It’s safe, it’s fun and they’ll also learn more about shapes, sizes and colours in the process. 

Simple board games are fun for everyone and, depending on the type of game, kids will learn vital skills and knowledge while playing. 


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