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Should I buy Montessori Mirror?

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Babies and toddlers are fascinated by mirrors. By observing themselves in the mirror they discover their own identity and movements. By grabbing the rail, children can pull themselves up and walk along the mirror.

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Every growth stage of the baby affects the mother’s heart, especially when learning to stand and walk, treasure mothers are especially anxious ah!
Today, I will give you a systematic introduction to the Montessori toddler mirror, hoping to provide help to you.

Montessori toddler mirror

Is a from of montessori education infant teaching aid, if they understand the montessori education Eva treasure mom are more or less will have heard the montessori education, it is famous for its cultivating children’s concentration, montessori teaching AIDS training is specific to the child’s attention and research method, the montessori education is very popular in foreign, began to enter the country in recent years also slowly, There are also a variety of Montessori kindergartens in China, but Bao moms also want to polish their eyes, not all Montessori kindergartens are authentic!

Trigger the child to walk!

Montessori toddler mirror, unlike other way of learning to walk, it was inspired by children take the initiative to practice walking, rather than forcing the passive to learn to walk, in the traditional concept of education, the child did not learn to walk before, parents are led the children to practice with the hand or buy on the market of the common walkers, actually this is wrong, This will destroy the normal development of children, this way of learning to walk the baby, will affect the development of legs, even may lead to the development of legs, we need to let them explore rather than forced to obey.

Form self-awareness!

The first time a baby uses a toddler mirror, he will feel curious and interested in himself in the mirror, and gradually he will realize that the baby in the mirror may be himself. This will begin to form the germ of self-cognition, and as he grows older, he will have the concept of “me”.

Master your own developmental rhythm

Baby if you have to climb the very skilled, they will use the armrest himself to stand up, then can exercise the power of the leg, the mirror is enchased in the wall, security can be very good, the baby will be observed in the mirror, skilled to learn to stand, they will start practice movement, this time around the mirror will play an important, observe in the mirror, And adjust their own movements and walking posture, which is a slow process of practice and exploration, the whole process is under the control of the child, no one needs to interfere with the child’s growth and development.

Selection of excellent safety guarantee

The material of the Montessori toddler mirror is also very elegant, just to let each child meet better themselves. The wood is made of solid wood, selected with high quality materials, polished with ingenuity and ultimate technology, to witness the growth of every child.

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