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What is Montessori Peace Education?

If you know anything about Montessori, you know that it’s more than just an approach to learning. Montessori is a lifestyle, a way of looking at the world, a promise we make to our children. More than anything, though, Montessori represents hope for our future.

Is my child better suited to Montessori or classic childcare?

Finding the best childcare for your little one can be a difficult task to navigate. From deciding what type of childcare service is best suited for your child to exploring the different educational approaches, there’s plenty to learn along the way.

How music-making benefits children

The researchers found that parent-child music activities have great benefits for youngsters – especially when the activities happen at home. And, more surprisingly, this study suggests that the benefits of these shared musical moments may actually outweigh the benefits of book-sharing in a child’s early years.

‘Discipline Dos and Don’ts’

Our little ones are not born with an innate knowledge of how best to behave and so it’s our role to discipline them – that is, to teach them about socially appropriate behaviour.

How fewer toys leads to higher quality play

Toys are a fun way to develop youngsters’ motor skills, enliven their imagination, encourage social skills, practice problem-solving and foster independence, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

The role of sound play in early childhood services

From the moment they’re born, sound is an integral part of children’s development. Infants respond to their parents’ voices, lullabies, and white noise, and as they grow, different sounds help them to learn and connect.

The lifelong benefits of play

Researchers have linked childhood play with adult achievement, so let’s see how play can help children understand and experience the world, develop vital skills and possibly even get a good job later in life.

Tackling tricky behaviour across home and early learning settings

Whether you’re a parent or an educator, never underestimate how much children love your company. While it might feel like more effort on your part, when you make tasks fun, you meet children’s need for closeness and play, while teaching them to behave cooperatively.

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