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Unique furniture in Montessori environment: Mirror

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. Mirrors are a must in many Montessori nurseries and crèches, often placed next to the child's activity area to provide a fun and interactive element for the baby.

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Among the products related to Montessori education, there is a very special yet ordinary piece of furniture – a mirror.
You read it right, mirrors can also be used in Montessori education methods. Mirrors are a must in many Montessori nurseries and crèches, often placed next to the child’s activity area to provide a fun and interactive element for the baby.

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Let’s take a look at what installing a Montessori mirror will do!

Brings joy – I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but children quite like mirrors and they love to look at other people’s faces as well as their own.

Visual tracking – mirrors will help babies focus and follow moving objects in reflection.

Builds concentration skills – Humans (especially babies) are naturally attracted to smooth objects. So mirrors are perfect for capturing babies’ attention for a long time, and children will focus on themselves in the mirror for a long time, which will help develop their concentration skills.

Promotes independence – Mirrors help infants play independently and become less dependent on adults, which is important for brain development and can help children grow more creative, confident, and independent.

Promotes movement – Mirrors provide infants with visual feedback about their own movements, and when playing in front of a mirror, children repeat the movements they observe and try to make different movements to observe.

Promotes coordination – Although an infant does not know that it is himself in the mirror, he makes observations and responds differently, all actions that help children make connections to the world and understand the space in which they live.

So many benefits just by having a mirror in the home! Place a fixed mirror in your child’s play area, either glass or acrylic, we recommend the glass one because the acrylic image will be a little distorted, which is not conducive to the child’s ability to build a sound perception of himself. Then prepare a play mat and place some grasping toys next to the child, these toys can help stimulate the child’s motor skills. If your family has more space, we recommend that you choose a mirror with handrails, which can accompany the child to “grow” and provide some help for the child to learn to stand and walk later.

Mirror with armrest

As we all know, the environment is the center of the Montessori way of education, the child from birth is in contact with the surrounding environment, and learn from it, so from infancy and early childhood to create a comfortable and safe environment for the child to help him grow and learn better.

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