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What is the Montessori Binomial Cube?

Montessori Binomial Cube is an early childhood education material for children (3-6) years old a sensory material and a mathematical material for children at the primary level. It consists of 8 cubes, 2 red, and blue cubes, the rest of the cubes have a pattern of red and black, blue and black. They are contained in a wooden box with a lid that has the pattern shown below

What are the benefits of the binomial cube?

The purpose of using the binomial cube is to further develop the child’s visual perception of 3-dimensional objects and, at the same time, indirectly prepare him/her for future work in mathematics (algebra).
How old is it suitable for children?
This is a sensory material suitable for children from 3 years of age. It is used to match colors and patterns (as a puzzle) to improve visual discrimination.
Like math, it can form the concept of binomial (a + b)^3 for children 8 years and older.

How to use the binomial cube?

Tell your child the name of the binomial cube and show where it is placed. I usually ask my child, “Do you want to play with the binomial cube?” If he answers yes, have your child pick up the binomial cube and place it on your workbench. Gently lift the lid, display and describe the contents, and begin the demonstration. One by one, remove the cubes and set them aside as shown in the figure. One column is used for the blue cube and the blue-black cube, and the red cube and the red-black cube.

Now let’s build the binomial cube! Using the pattern on the lid, place 2 red and black cubes around the red cube so that the red surface touches any red surface of the red cube.

After making the first layer of the pattern, you can move it to the box. For the next one, first, place the red and black cubes on the lid so that the red side touches the red mark on the lid. Now, place the blue-black cube around the red-black cube so that the black side touches the black side of the red-black cube. To complete the pattern, place the face of the blue cube in contact with the blue face of the blue-black cube. Move it to the top of the first set of shapes in the box. 

Gently close the box on its hinges and close it with the lid. Have the child notice that the pattern in the binomial cube constructed inside the box is the same as the pattern shown on the lid.

We have found detailed steps for you to follow.

1、Material focus: binomial cube

2、Binomial cube

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