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What’s the use of Montessori clothes rack?

One of the most representative Montessori education courses is the practical life course, which is usually divided into two parts: caring for oneself and caring for the environment. The button frame is one of the Montessori clothing frames, which is a life practice teaching tool used to develop children’s self-care skills.

The Montessori Button Frame is suitable for children around 3 years old and the purpose of this activity is to teach children how to unbutton and button. The method is very simple when using this teaching aid, but the child performs this activity independently, so we need a little patience to guide the child through this activity independently.

Next, let’s see how to use the button frame together

1、Take the button frame to the work mat or table.
2、Introduce this teaching aid
3、Instruct the child to twist the button with the right hand. Pull the buttonhole with the left hand
4、Pass the button through the buttonhole
5、Pull away the edge material and remove the button completely
6、Repeat the above steps to remove the rest of the buttons
7, start the button back to the button step, half of the button will be pushed into the buttonhole
8, one hand to pull the button, one hand to pull open the buttonhole to let the button through

Please note that this button frame is a very basic teaching aid, but it also requires the child’s hands to have some strength and gripping ability to accurately grasp the tiny buttons. Usually, this teaching aid has two types of buttons, large and small, that you can choose according to your child’s situation. Of course, adults can let their children use some sensory toys on a daily basis to exercise a little hand strength to prepare for learning.


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