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Why choose Montessori education?

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ost famous alternative education methods among British parents. It has been used in more than 22000 schools. Now more and more scholars use the Montessori teaching method for their children, The developer of this educa

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The Montessori teaching method is considered to be one of the most successful education models in the world, especially in early childhood education and primary education. It is one of the most famous alternative education methods among British parents. It has been used in more than 22000 schools. Now more and more scholars use the Montessori teaching method for their children, The developer of this educational approach is Maria Montessori.

Maria Montessori is an Italian doctor and educator who not only studies mental and developmental disorders but is also co-director of the Institute for special education of teachers. In her teaching practice, she developed the Montessori teaching method and achieved great success. On January 6, 1907, Maria Montessori established her Casa Dei Bambini (children’s home) in Rome for children deprived of their rights. It is the first Montessori school in the world.

The Montessori education method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori is a knowledge-centered and child-centered education method. This kind of teaching method is developed by Dr. Maria Montessori through in-depth scientific observation of many children of different races, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds from birth to maturity in her career of more than 50 years. It can promote the development of children’s critical thinking in the collaborative hands-on learning environment. It is a kind of teaching method that attaches great importance to children’s whole body, social interaction, social interaction, and social interaction Emotional and cognitive development of teaching methods. In a prepared learning environment, children learn the comprehensive curriculum offered by the school in the form of multi-sensory, hands-on materials. This method has been successfully applied in different cultures all over the world for more than 100 years.

Enter the Montessori classroom and master the essence of this unique education method.

Montessori education is based on the principles of children’s childhood life and learning from the world around them. It suggests that children learn in an environment that enables them to prepare and do what they are best at. Montessori education respects every child makes them a unique individual and pays special attention to their social and emotional development. In the early days of Montessori education, children spent a lot of time on sensory activities to enhance their vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. When children go to primary school, they turn to more abstract topics and apply what they have learned to the real world.

The purpose of the Montessori teaching method is to help your children develop lifelong learning enthusiasm and infinite curiosity about the world around them. A real Montessori school is a place where children can get along with others at all stages of development. One of the most interesting things about the Montessori classroom is that it is designed and created to allow children to learn and explore the classroom every day. Dr. Maria Montessori believes that children will learn better when they choose to study, which is a special, child-centered education method, including child-led activities (called “work” in the classroom), children of different ages, and teachers who promote students’ independence.
Montessori education provides our children with the opportunity to develop their potential so that they can understand and appreciate their study and life, and become firm, capable, responsible, and respected citizens. The Montessori approach recognizes that children have different ways of learning and considers all of them. This way of learning fosters children’s ability to become adults with a sense of achievement and productivity, able to contribute to the world at home, at work, and in the community.


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