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28 Easy and Fun Preschool Christmas Crafts

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These 28 easy and fun preschool Christmas crafts provide a holiday celebration as well as valuable learning opportunities. Engaging young learners in these activities will ensure they enjoy a merry and bright holiday season filled with growth and laughter.
Preschool Christmas Crafts

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The holiday season is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some easy and fun preschool Christmas crafts? Not only are these delightful projects a great way to get little ones excited about the celebration, but they also provide an opportunity for them to express their creativity and develop fine motor skills.

Preschool Christmas Crafts foster fine motor skills, creativity, and teamwork as young children engage in festive projects, enhancing their cognitive and social abilities in a joyful, educational environment.

Whether it’s gluing, cutting or painting, these crafts offer children the opportunity to explore a variety of textures, colors and shapes while creating their own unique Christmas masterpiece. With a wide range of ideas to suit different abilities and interests, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to make this Christmas truly special.

So gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves and start making preschool Christmas Christmas crafts! Fill your classroom with joyful laughter and artistic flair.

Preschool Christmas Crafts

A set of 28 easy, enjoyable, and educational preschool Christmas crafts perfect for preschoolers. These activities are specifically designed to foster creativity, motor skills, and the festive spirit in young children.

1. Reindeer Paper Crafts

Starting with simple templates, children can cut out reindeer shapes from brown construction paper. Adding features like googly eyes, red pompom noses, and pipe cleaner antlers brings the reindeer to life. This activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills and allows children to express their creativity by customizing their reindeer. It’s also a great opportunity for teachers to introduce topics such as animal habits and the significance of reindeer in Christmas lore.

2. Christmas Tree Noodle Craft

The Christmas Tree Noodle Craft transforms ordinary dry pasta into a festive decoration, making it a wonderful sensory activity for young children. By gluing different shapes and sizes of pasta onto a pre-cut cardboard triangle, children create a textured tree that they can later paint green. Adding glitter and small stars allows for a touch of sparkle.

3. Fork Printed Christmas Tree

Preschoolers dip the tines of a fork into green paint and press it onto paper to create a textured Christmas tree. They can then use their fingers or small brushes to add decorations like baubles and stars with paint. This method is excellent for tactile learners and helps develop hand-eye coordination. The Fork Printed Christmas Tree is a joyous project that allows children to explore different painting techniques while creating a unique piece of art.

4. Christmas Sweater Activity

Children receive a sweater outline on paper and are encouraged to decorate it using colored yarn, fabric scraps, and sequins. This activity is great for practicing threading and sewing skills. It’s a cozy, creative project that brings the comfort of Christmas to the classroom.

5. Gingerbread Man Craft

Using brown cardstock, buttons, ribbon, and white paint, children can assemble and decorate their own gingerbread men. This activity encourages precision and planning, as children decide where each element should go. Furthermore, it can lead to discussions about different spices used in gingerbread, linking the craft to sensory experiences and science.

6. DIY Christmas Tree

The DIY Christmas Tree craft allows children to build a miniature tree from materials like paper cones or stacked green cups. Decorating their trees with homemade ornaments or store-bought decorations fosters a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creations. This project is excellent for group activities, encouraging cooperation and social skills as children share decorations and ideas.

7. DIY Candy Cane Christmas Ornament Craft

One of the most iconic symbols of Christmas is the walking stick candy. In this craft, preschoolers can make their own crutch candy decorations using red and white beads and pipe cleaners. Little hands thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners, following a pattern that mimics the traditional stripes of crutch candy. These crutch candies make wonderful decorations for the classroom.

8. Pine Cone Craft

Pine cones are readily available in many parts of the world during the winter months and make for a wonderful natural crafting material. Children can paint them green to resemble mini Christmas trees or add glitter and a string for hanging them as ornaments. Additionally, using small pom-poms or felt pieces, kids can decorate their pine cones to look like Santa or elves, integrating a fun character crafting session into the mix

9. Stocking Name Craft

A personal favorite in many classrooms is the Stocking Name Craft. Each child receives a stocking cut out from colored paper. They then use stickers, glitter, and markers to personalize their stocking with their names and other decorations. It also makes a lovely keepsake for parents and adds a personal touch to classroom decorations.

10. Santa Sensory

Fill a large container with items like cotton balls (for beard), red pom-poms, small gift boxes, and other tactile items. Children can explore different textures and practice their sorting and categorizing skills. This type of play aids cognitive growth, fine motor development, and sensory integration, all while keeping the festive spirit very much alive.

11. Candy Cane Craft

Using red and white clay or playdough, preschoolers can twist the colors together to form a crutch candy pattern. Then, have them use pom-poms to draw stripes on the crutch candy! That’s it, such an easy and fun Christmas activity.

12. Christmas Color Codes

Have preschoolers color the pictures using the Christmas scene templates and have them complete the correct coloring according to the numbers and letters on the templates.

13. Christmas Tree Handprint Art

This craft involves painting each child’s hand with green paint and pressing it onto paper to form the shape of a Christmas tree. Once the handprints dry, children can decorate their trees with finger paint ornaments and glitter glue for garlands or lights.

14. Santa Claus Beard Cutting Craft

Starting with a printed or drawn face of Santa, preschoolers are given white paper or craft foam to cut into strips to create Santa’s beard. This craft helps enhance their ability to use scissors safely and accurately. As they arrange and glue the beard strips, they also work on their spatial awareness and planning abilities.

15. Sock Snowman

Creating a Sock Snowman is an adorable and practical craft for young children. This activity utilizes old white socks filled with rice or cotton balls. Kids can then decorate their snowmen with buttons for eyes, fabric scraps for scarves, and colored pins or beads for buttons. This activity is not only fun but also serves as a great way for children to practice their tactile skills.

16. Graham Cracker House

Using graham crackers, icing, and an assortment of candies for decoration, children can construct their own edible houses. This activity is great for developing planning and problem-solving skills as they figure out how to make their structures stable. Moreover, decorating their houses lets children express their artistic sides while working on precision as they place small candies and icing.

17. Cotton Swab Snowflakes

By using cotton swabs cut into different lengths, children can arrange them on paper or cardboard in various radial patterns to mimic the intricate designs of snowflakes. This activity can be enhanced with glitter or blue and silver paint to create a frosty look.

18. Make Red and Green Christmas Playdough

Making homemade playdough in traditional Christmas colors offers a sensory experience of sight, touch and even smell. This craft allows children to explore their creativity by molding playdough into a variety of holiday characters and objects. Kneading and manipulating playdough is great for developing hand strength and coordination.

19. Christmas Card Making Station Ideas for Preschoolers

Creating a Christmas card making station is a delightful way for preschoolers to express holiday cheer. Provides card stock, stickers, glitter glue and washable markers. Allow children to decorate their cards with holiday-themed stamps and pre-cut shapes such as Christmas trees, stars and bells. This activity is great for fostering creativity and it also teaches children the joy of giving as they make cards to share with family and friends!

20. Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft

The Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft allows children to explore symmetry and design while creating beautiful winter decor. By gluing popsicle sticks together in snowflake patterns and decorating them with paint, sequins, and buttons, preschoolers can create unique snowflakes that can be hung in the classroom or at home.

21. Cotton Ball Santa Beard

Preschoolers glue cotton balls to cutouts in Santa’s face to fill in his beard. This is also a wonderful sensory activity for children as they pick up and glue small cotton balls. Extend this craft by talking about textures and connecting them to the story of Santa.

22. Make Christmas Bunting Ornaments

Christmas bunting ornaments can add a festive touch to any classroom or home. Provide children with triangles of colorful paper or felt, and help them decorate each one with stickers, glitter, or drawings before stringing them together to make a decorative bunting. This activity is great for teaching patterns and sequences, as well as fine motor coordination.

23. Simple Christmas Wreath

A simple Christmas wreath can be made from a paper plate with the center cut out, allowing children to glue on green tissue paper, pompoms, and ribbons

24. Christmas Light Catcher

Making a Christmas light catcher involves cutting shapes out of colored cellophane and affixing them to contact paper, which is then placed in a window. The sunlight shining through creates a stunning stained glass effect.

25. Felt Christmas Tree

Creating a Felt Christmas Tree involves using a large piece of green felt for the tree itself and various colored pieces for the ornaments. Preschoolers can cut out shapes from the felt and then decorate their tree by attaching these pieces with Velcro or double-sided tape.

26. Santa Binoculars

Santa Binoculars are a fun and imaginative craft that transforms simple materials like toilet paper rolls into a magical play item. Children can decorate two rolls with red and white paint, and then attach them side by side with yarn or staples to create binoculars. Adding cotton around the edges for the fur of Santa’s hat and gluing a black belt with a buckle around the middle turns them into a thematic tool for spotting Santa.

27. Santa Spoon Puppet

The Santa Spoon Puppet craft is a delightful way for children to engage in storytelling and role-playing. Using wooden spoons, children can paint the handle red for Santa’s body and use white and red paint to create his face and hat on the spoon bowl. Adding details like cotton for the beard and a small pom-pom for the nose brings the character to life. This puppet can then be used in puppet shows or as a decorative piece in a holiday display.

28. Christmas Countdown Calendar

A Christmas Countdown Calendar is a fantastic project for teaching numbers and the concept of time. Preschoolers can create a calendar using a large poster board marked with the days leading up to Christmas. Each day can have a pocket made from construction paper or felt, which children can decorate with festive themes. Small treats or messages can be placed in each pocket, giving children something to look forward to each day.


These 28 Christmas crafts are the perfect blend of fun, learning and holiday spirit. Christmas Preschool Classroom Themes and Decorations, Stimulate creativity with holiday crafts and stories to help them understand and appreciate the joy of Christmas and fill your holiday season with smiles and a sense of accomplishment.

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