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An award-winning approach to outdoor learning

Young children need sensory stimulation and room to move, so instead of keeping kids indoors, many early learning services recognise the importance of outdoor play and offer a variety of open-air experiences. 

What is the Pikler Approach?

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Pikler Climbing Frame – also called a Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame – is a classic wooden climbing structure. Designed by Doctor Emmi Pikler, it reinforces the principles of children playing, creating, and discovering the world around them at a pace that is unique to them and makes sense to them as individuals. 

Children can already interact with a Pikler Frame before their first birthday, developing their skills of using the frame and triangle – they might even get a bit gutsy once they learn how to use the frame, too!

Educational Benefits of Providing Toys To Children

Kids love to play and you should encourage this. Thanks to toys and games, the little ones explore the surrounding world, develop their physical and intellectual abilities, establish emotional connections with other people and learn to express themselves. So the process of playing does not boil down to simply having fun — it also involves a lot of learning. Toys spark the children’s imagination, engage their senses and teach them to interact with the environment.

What is the Difference Between Montessori and Pikler Approaches?

The Montessori and Pikler methods are two of the most popular of these methods, and they’re more than a century old. In these methods, teachers try to provide education based on the principles governing natural development as well as the individual needs of each child according to group games as well as individual activities for children. Also, the atmosphere and architecture of the place are important points too. These days, the Montessori and Pikler methods are being taught in most preschools and kindergartens in most countries. In this article, we want to discuss these two methods, what are the differences between them, and how they can be useful for your child.

Busy Boards: Educational Toys for Toddlers

Montessori boards and Pikler furniture serve as the optimal educational toys since they help kids develop their physical, motor, and mental skills at the same time. Furthermore, they enhance children’s cognitive and social skills, boosting their personality development in the process too.

How Is It Helping Your Kids Grow with the Pikler Furniture?

While puzzles and math may be gripping enough for your child, the Pikler method of education seems best suited to help kids develop their intellectual and motor skills. Since children’s physical and mental abilities develop together, the optimal educational toys for toddlers are the ones that involve their bodies.

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