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What kind of toys are good?

No amount of toys and programs can replace true love. But a functional and sturdy toy that is suitable for your child’s development – will be a good helper for your child’s love and care, and the results will be obvious.
So I’m sure you have a question: What kind of toys are good?
Good toys have the following characteristics:
1、Simple design
2、Get the child involved in the game
3、Multifunctional use
4、Easy to understand and manipulate
5、 Encourage cooperative play
6、Materials that feel comfortable in the hand
7、 Durable
8、 Safety
9、 Relatively generous in proportion and quantity
10、 Price based on durability and design


Simplicity is key. Toys for young children should avoid complex details as much as possible and allow children to express themselves by creating their own childlike world. Too much detail limits a child’s growth. The more versatile and non-specialized the toy, the more creative and engaging it is. For preschoolers, basic blocks are one of the most important toys, and they are probably the best example of an “unstructured” toy. These allow the child to create as he or she wishes, and the next step is determined by him or her, not by the structure of the play material. Blocks, construction kits, clay, sand, and paint are all basic toys that allow our imaginations to run free.

2、Child participation

A good toy should involve the entire child’s mind and body. Such toys will stimulate children to do things on their own. Toys that make the child the audience, such as a somersaulting wind-up dog, can be temporarily entertaining but have little to no play value. Good toys should encourage children to explore and create or provide opportunities for dramatic play. Materials that only allow the child to play a passive role are not tools for play, but objects of amusement.


Some equipment in the classroom must be provided to meet the needs of growing muscles to push, climb, run, bend, and lift. A gymnasium that allows six children to play at the same time is a valuable asset. The wood used for the hollow blocks must stand up to rough use and have rounded edges that will meet the requirements of use. They must be designed to allow small hands to hold them securely. Such blocks involve the whole child and are ideal for group use in dramatic play.

4、Cooperative play

Teachers should ask themselves, “Will these toys encourage cooperative play?” Memorable and fun times with peers can be the cornerstone of a child’s life. Children’s play experiences are the foundation for all aspects of their adult lives, and we should provide opportunities for this to happen. A family corner with children’s furniture can also accommodate dramatic and cooperative play. You may see your child create unexpected images with this toy.


Children love their toys and should be able to rely on them. They need time to bond with these toys and make them trusted friends. Playthings that do not last are educationally and financially unsound. Wood and fabric are particularly popular materials for children. Wooden toys have a warm, friendly feel that makes little hands feel content and at ease. Wood, such as maple, is hard and splinter-resistant, and also meets the requirements for durability. Sturdy.


The performance of the toy must ensure that it really “works”. When a toy breaks down, such as a wheel getting stuck and not understanding, or a cabinet door not closing, this can make a child frustrated, and the parts of the toy should ideally be a miniature version of the real thing, for example, all chains, wheels, and handles should be “real”, with high-quality industrial type construction, and designed to make the most of the realism of the game.


Materials can also affect the safety of toys. Look for wood that won’t break, wheels that won’t pinch, and rounded corners. The design must also be safety conscious, stable and secure, and not have any cracks that could easily pinch a child’s hand or foot. Real games always contain an element of risk, but good equipment minimizes the risk.

8、Quantity ratio

Play equipment should provide enough space or quantity to meet the child’s play intentions. Provide children with enough blocks to complete the structure he has conceived. Having enough equipment will help the children play in harmony and help the teacher relax!


When comparing prices, you should consider the value and durability of the toy. A higher initial investment often proves more economical because the toys do not need to be replaced repeatedly. Durable, well-designed toys are not only more durable than cheaper toys, but they also meet the criteria for great toys mentioned above.

Please refer to our advice to choose the right toy, I hope it will help you.


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