Where do I go to buy Montessori materials?

a book about great educators and their unique approach to education, and was amazed and intrigued by the unique teaching aids used in the Montessori method. Would you also like to try these unique and amazing teaching aids?

What kind of toys are good?

No amount of toys and programs can replace true love. But a functional and sturdy toy that is suitable for your child’s development – will be a good helper for your child’s love and care, and the results will be obvious.

Why prepare climbing frames for children

Regardless of age, adventure is children’s nature. For children, play is their way to explore the world and plays an important role in developing their imagination. A climbing frame is a good toy for children to exercise. It can promote children’s physical and mental development, strengthen the interaction with friends, enhance children’s sports skills, and release children’s nature to explore the world freely. Maybe some people are still hesitating whether to buy the climbing frame, please take a look at our suggestions.

Why prepare a learning tower for your children

If you have a child, you must have experienced the vigor and curiosity of toddlers when they reach the age of walking! They will want to try anything they can touch! You have to spare time and energy during a busy day of daily chores and daily work to accompany your children to explore the world. I believe this is a very busy and hard-working experience.

What is the snake game?

The snake game is a kind of mathematical toy composed of colorful beads representing different numbers, which is used to train children’s mathematical cognition and calculation ability. It can be divided into addition snake, subtraction snake, multiplication snake, and negative Snake games. It is a common mathematical teaching aid in Montessori education.