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Why does a New Born Need a Floor Gym?

Baby Gym

Imagine if you could only lie on your back and had only the ceiling and ceiling fan to stare at? Things would get quite boring. This is what we want to change for babies who can’t turn over yet. We would like them to have beautiful things to look at, things that move gently, things are make soft pleasing sounds and things that shine when natural light hits them.That’s where the baby gym comes in! Yes, we know what you are thinking – little babies exercising at the gym. Though that image is rather amusing, this isn’t that at all

Play gyms are designed to facilitate a very young baby’s play in a safe manner. They are kept at the floor level and can be used to hang baby mobiles and other fun elements that a baby who is supine (on their back) can interact with.

Why does my baby need a play gym?

  • Baby gyms are perfect for hanging visual mobiles. Visual mobiles and other elements encourage your baby to track and observe them. Providing just the right amount of visual stimulation helps the development of the visual sense.
  • Observing the movement of the mobiles also helps your baby develop focus and concentration
  • Tactile mobiles encourage your baby to reach out and touch them, helping your baby improve their tactile sense
When babies reach out and try it many times, it helps them learn about their body and how it moves.
Tapping is not an easy task – babies mentally calculate the distance between their hand and the phone, and the exact angle and force they need to tap the moving element to make it move – it involves a lot of cognition Processes and supports brain development.
The fun elements on the phone encourage your baby to move their hands and legs as well as make sounds and interact with the elements.
Understanding that it’s the movement of their hand or leg that causes the moving element to move is your baby’s first lesson in cause and effect.
What are the different things I can hang from it?
  • Visual mobiles – start with mobiles that have black and white elements, then move on to those with primary colours before introducing those with many colours.
  • Tactile mobiles – a simple wooden ring teether or light rattles can also be hung from the mobile – just ensure that it is secured well as your baby is quite likely to pull hard at it.
  • Elements from nature – leaves, flowers and feathers found in nature can also be hung from the play gym – this is a great way to bring the outdoor in.
  • Small plush or soft toys can be hung from the baby mobile.
  • Small wind chimes or dream catchers can also be hung from the baby mobile.
  • Simple and colourful scarves can be hung from the baby mobile.
  • Small bells and anything that makes a gentle sound can be hung from the baby mobile 
  • Real photographs and realistic pieces of art can also be hung from the baby mobile


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