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Classroom Design

Childcare Classroom Design

The design of a childcare classroom is centered on creating a secure and caring environment for newborns and young children up to the age of three.

The design of a childcare classroom typically includes age-appropriate furniture, equipment

Preschool Classroom Design

Preschool classroom design is focused on creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment for children aged 3 to 5 years old.

The design of the classroom encourages independence, with low shelves and storage areas that children can easily access and use.

Kindergarten Classroom Design

Kindergarten classrooms provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating classroom learning environment for children ages 4 to 6.

Classrooms are often divided into different areas, such as reading, play and learning areas. These areas encourage exploration and learning through play and social interaction.

Montessori Classroom Design

Montessori classroom design is based on the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori, which emphasizes independence, self-directed learning, and hands-on exploration.

The design of a Montessori classroom is focused on creating a prepared environment that supports these principles and allows children to develop at their own pace.

Play School Interior Design

Play School Interior Design is the art and science of designing a functional, safe and visually appealing school environment for young children to learn, play and grow.

Innovative design techniques are used to meet the specific needs and interests of children while ensuring that the space is safe, comfortable and conducive to learning.

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