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How Kids Pikler Toys Build Confidence and Independence


Toddlers are active, curious, and independently-minded little creatures. It’s natural for them to want to explore the world around them. In fact, their curiosity is vital for their development since it provides them with courage to try new things and become more independent. 

Encouraging exploratory play through fun and challenging activities is an important developmental experience a parent can provide for their children. In this post, we look at how parents can encourage safe learning and fun and build confidence and independence with toddler climbing toys.  

What Are Climbing Toys?

As your toddler grows and masters new skills, they’ll want to practice everything they learn any chance they can get. Indoor toddler climbing toys are structures designed to allow your kiddo to climb, slide, and explore within your home. Your child will be able to expend all that extra energy year-round, regardless of the weather!

Designed for your peace of mind, they’re a great alternative to furniture, stairs, and other less durable, secure objects in your home that begged to be climbed. Thoughtfully designed toddler climbing toys save your furniture and help protect your littles ones from injury. 

How Climbing Toys Can Benefit Your Growing Kiddo 

There are a variety of ways that toddler climbing toys can benefit your child, spanning all parts of their physical, mental, and emotional development.

Develop motor skills

Toddlers love to see what their bodies can do! Playing is a natural way to work on motor skills, build strength, balance, agility, flexibility, and coordination. 

Toddler climbing toys require their little bodies to use different muscles in conjunction with their brains, to reach, pull, push, balance, and stretch. The more they do it, the better they get!

Inspire learning

Toddlers prefer active play – play that involves movement – over activities that require sitting still; learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom! 

Identifying challenges and finding ways to overcome or work around them is an important part of toddler development, new skills that will inspire future learning. Active play means your toddler is constantly learning.

Encourage teamwork

Side-by-side play is common for very young children, and as they grow they learn how to interact with peers and coordinate together as they play. The best toddler climbing toys inspire teamwork as kids learn to take turns, cheer each other on, and experience learning with each other.

Boost self-esteem and independence

There are few greater feelings than the sense of accomplishment. Even from a young age, overcoming challenges and finding solutions through independent play boosts your child’s self-esteem. 

When parents allow their children to use their imagination and contemplate different solutions, they are providing opportunities for boosting confidence.

Spark curiosity and imagination

Curiosity has been linked with psychological, emotional, social and physical health benefits for children. Children are born curious; they interact with everything by touching, observing, and asking questions about the objects and people around them. 

Your little one wants to climb so they can see more of the world, and climbing toys are a great way to allow them to do that safely.

Releases energy

Toddlers are an endless source of energy—they seem to never stop moving! The desire to move is essential for development, but it can also be exhausting for parents. Toddler climbing toys allow a safe environment for kids to release their boundless energy, which means a greater chance of a good night’s sleep for kids and parents alike.


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