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Purpose of using Montessori pink tower

The Montessori Pink Tower, one of the most iconic and popular Montessori materials, is a must-have teaching aid in almost every Montessori setting and school, primarily for sensory and visual activities that teach children size, dimension, and order. It consists of 10 pink cubes with equal lengths of 1 cm decreasing from 10 cm to 1 cm and is suitable for learning activities for children under 3 years old.

Features of Montessori Pink Tower

The cubes in the Pink Tower are all the same color, shape, and texture, which allows the child to focus on only one difference in the material – the size. As your child begins to play, he will be able to feel the change in weight of the different size cubes. Please note that when children try to build the pink tower for the first time, they may not get it right. Don’t worry about this, as children’s visual perception allows them to assess for themselves whether they have built the pink tower in the right order, which helps children to realize what is wrong and to correct the mistakes themselves. In the process, children can practice their hand-eye recognition skills allowing them to become more independent and confident.

Purpose of using the pink tower

  1. It helps children to visually discriminate the differences in the three-dimensional dimensions of multidimensional data sets.
  2. Helps children’s fine motor muscle coordination development.
  3. Let children learn the concept of cubes.
  4. Develop logical thinking skills (sequential).
  5. It prepares the child for later geometric work, such as learning about the volume, quantity and distance concepts of the cube.

Montessori Pink Tower Usage

1、 Prepare an activity mat as the child’s work area
2、Invite children to the sensory area and introduce the pink tower
3、Start with the smallest cube at the top and pick up one at a time, one hand on top and one hand on the bottom, bringing the cubes to the activity mat and arranging them randomly
4、Confirm that all cubes are on the activity mat, with the adult sitting on the child’s dominant side
5、 Begin building the pink tower, picking up the largest cube with the fingertips of each hand on either side of the cube.
6 、Stop every now and then to compare one cube with the next smallest cube to make sure you have chosen the right next cube. Also, take a moment to use the bird’s eye view as a gauge.

7、When the tower is finished, use the bird’s eye view again to check the centering
8、Randomize the cube again and have your child turn it. Remember, they will make mistakes at first, but will gradually refine their ability to judge size through practice.

After reading the article perhaps you are asking why pink is used for educational materials? Well… According to Maria Montessori‘s experience is that children like ~


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