Learning Experiences To Stimulate Your Child’s Development

With the right level of brain stimulation in a nurturing environment, a child will be able to reach their potential. The relationships fostered in early childhood education are essential components for establishing confident and capable learners.

Play Activities To Encourage Motor Development In Child Care 

Motor skills are necessary during infant and preschool years as these skills help with development and coordination later in life. As they develop these skills, their confidence increases. Increased confidence helps them tackle other activities independantly like dressing, writing and speaking.     

7 Benefits Of Toddler Painting

There are several brain development activities for toddlers, but few are guaranteed to enhance a toddler’s brain. Activities shape toddlers into adulthood, as their brains subconsciously pick up from the environment and motor skill development.

7 life skills that will help your child succeed

Did you know that reading a book teaches children perspective-taking? Or that a game of hide-and-seek teaches them critical thinking? Well, when it comes to life skills, it is possible to combine important teachings with fun and games.