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How to use Pikler Triangle

pikler set

The Pikler triangle is a beautiful design that you know has many benefits for child and infant development. The decision is made to purchase one or make one. But, there are concerns about what happens if your child stops climbing, becomes too tall to climb or loses interest.

The Pikler is a popular piece of children’s play equipment that was developed by Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. It is designed to encourage movement, exploration, and development in children, particularly those between 6 months and 3 years old. While climbing is one of the most common activities that children enjoy doing with the Pikler Triangle, there are other ways to use it too. Here are some examples:

  1. Crawling: Younger children who are not yet able to climb can use the Pikler Triangle to practice crawling, scooting, or rolling up and down the different ramps and inclines.
  2. Sliding: If the Pikler Triangle has a slide, children can practice sliding down it. This is a great way to develop their balance and coordination.
  3. Balancing: The different levels and platforms on the Pikler Triangle provide opportunities for children to practice balancing, whether it’s walking across a narrow beam or standing on one leg on a platform.
  4. Obstacle course: Parents can set up an obstacle course using the Pikler Triangle and other items like pillows or cushions. This can help children develop their gross motor skills and provide a fun challenge.
  5. Tent: If you drape a sheet or blanket over the Pikler Triangle, it can become a cozy tent where children can play hide-and-seek or enjoy some quiet time reading or relaxing.
  6. Fort: Similar to the tent, you can also drape a blanket or sheet over the Pikler Triangle and create a fort where children can play and imagine.
  7. Tunnel: If you have multiple Pikler Triangles, you can set them up to create a tunnel or maze for children to crawl through.
  8. Rocking boat: If you have two Pikler Triangles, you can position them facing each other to create a rocking boat. Children can sit on the platform and gently rock back and forth, developing their sense of balance and coordination.

These are just a few examples of how the Pikler Triangle can be used other than climbing. The possibilities are endless, and the most important thing is to let children explore and use their imagination to come up with their own creative ideas for play.

Pickler Triangle: An Overview of the Best Triangles to Climb

The Pikler Triangle is a popular piece of climbing equipment for young children that helps promote their physical development and gross motor skills. There are many different types of Pikler Triangles available on the market, with varying features and designs.

When choosing a Pikler Triangle, it is important to consider the age and skill level of your child, as well as the materials and features of the climbing triangle. Some climbing triangles may be more suitable for younger children, while others may provide a greater challenge for older children. Ultimately, the best climbing triangle for your child is one that is safe, durable, and provides a fun and engaging climbing experience.


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