Montessori mathematics teaching aids: Addition strip board

The Montessori addition strip board is a teaching aid that helps children relate addition operations. Using the addition bar board, children can practice and master the sequence of addition combinations from 1-9. The material includes a wooden board to assist with practice, a box of practice strips (9 red strips divided into squares and 9 plain blue strips with the numbers 1-9).

Let’s see how to use the Montessori addition strip board!

1、Place the teaching aids on a flat surface ready to start arithmetic.

Image courtesy of the web

2、Choose the topic for which you want to perform the operation (1+1 for example).

Image courtesy of the web

3、Select the blue bar board that represents the number 1 and place it with a pass on the edge.

Image courtesy of the web

4、Choose a different color bar representing the number 1 and set it up close to the blue bar.

Image courtesy of the web

5、Compare the end of the length of the stripboard with the number of numbers engraved on the bottom board overlap, that is, the answer.

Image courtesy of the web

6、Record the answer for the next question.

Image courtesy of the web

7、Compare the answers.

For other uses of the Montessori addition strip board, you can refer to this article with pictures for detailed explanations! Addition With Strip Board

The Montessori addition slate allows children to become familiar with numbers, practice number operations, and develop their early number education skills. It is a very simple and practical math tool that prepares children for early reading skills, helps children with brain development and memory practice.

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