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Montessori math materials: counting sticks

Materials: Montessori counting sticks (small size)

Material Description: Consists of two sets of 10 bars or slats, each different bar corresponds to a number from 1 to 10, each bar is alternately painted in two colors, the smallest bar corresponds to ‘1 and is painted red.

Purpose of the material.

1、Introduction to the concept of quantity.

2、Relate quantities to symbols.

3、Introduce the concept of length.

4、Introduction to the decimal metric system

Introduction to the material.


1、Visual and tactile discrimination of length.

2、Sensory discrimination.

There are multiple ways to present these materials to children and I will show you how we did it. We used one of two groups and the group handed out 10 bars on top of the carpet, the only premise I have to comment on is that I had to scale them to the proportions that had already been done using sensory bars. He picked up the bar that seemed longer to him and placed it on the carpet, then added the rest of the bars in descending order from there. This can also be done by selecting the shortest time and including the others in ascending order. The goal is to give them a sense of each segment from smallest, shortest to longest, and to expose them for what they are simply by manipulating them themselves.

“Look how short this is, look how long this is, in two colors ……” ….

We are committed to the concept of



Longer than …

Longer than … Short …

Blue …

Red ….

Align the ladder

One of the numbered bars helped him to align the ladder.
The final bar is to be placed in the smallest with a value of 1. This bar is used to check that the scale is completed correctly.
Just as the smallest pink tower can be self-controlled, the child can check that he is doing it correctly.



Montessori designed her material so that when it is processed, the child will receive immediate information about his or her progress. In addition to developing independence, the use of self-correcting materials helps the child learn to recognize, understand, and correct. By controlling the errors on the material, the child can control his or her own learning without having to rely on the judgment of an adult. In addition, it can improve your self-esteem and motivation.

The material has three forms of visual self-correction

If you order the slats from longest to smallest, but you make a mistake in the middle and then minimize it, the error is obvious.

You can also calculate the painted parts and see if the bars correspond to the numbers.

By taking the smallest ladder element and climbing up the ladder, you can check if it does a good job as it fits into each space found.

Applicable age: 3 years old and above.

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