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What is a Montessori Toddler Wardrobe

montessori Wardrobe

The Montessori Wardrobe is a minimalist kid-sized wardrobe designed to give your child independence and self-reliance. If you’ve been struggling to get your child dressed for the day, or feel overwhelmed by the number of clothing options available and unsure how to organize your child’s clothes, the Montessori Closet is the home for you

A well-prepared environment is at the heart of the Montessori philosophy—it means creating an environment that takes into account the child’s needs, interests, and abilities. In a home setting, prep looks like designated shelves for children’s toys and activities, book nooks with shelves, tables and chairs for them to work on, and places where children have access to other areas. A Montessori wardrobe is an important part of a child’s prepared environment at home because it promotes ideas of independence, order, and choice.

Why Your Child Needs Their Own Montessori Wardrobe?

  • Just like the Montessori storage shelf, the closet is a designated space for your child to store clothes and related accessories.
  • Helps your child’s independence develop when they can use their things
  • A closet gives your child the freedom to choose what they want, but limit it to the choices you provide for them.
  • A closet makes it easy for them to practice the basic life skills of dressing and undressing.
  • The closet is designed to serve as a visual reminder of what went where, thus helping your child to put their belongings back.
  • Since the closet is at their height, this encourages them to take responsibility for organizing and keeping things in order.
  • Closet encourages your child to develop his or her own sense of style and fashion, which is an important tool for self-expression
  • Organizing a closet involves several activities, such as folding clothes and putting them in, hanging them on hangers, taking them off hangers, and packing them zehngqi – activities that are very helpful in developing fine and gross motor skills and coordination.
  • Letting your child manage their own closet also shows them that you trust them and respect them.
  • Taking care of their own needs builds children’s self-confidence and increases their self-esteem.

Here are some tips to help parents on how to get started

  • Wear only a few clothes that are appropriate for the season and weather. Store the rest out of sight – and take them out only when necessary. This simple thing will save you from tantrums and power struggles.
  • Make sure that the clothing options offered help independence rather than being a barrier. Shorts with an elastic band and a simple t-shirt with a large neckline are the best place to start. Clothes that are tight and have fasteners like zippers and buttons are more difficult for children to navigate and wear on their own – and they certainly learn these skills, but it takes more time and practice.
  • Don’t expect your child to start dressing themselves from the first day they are introduced to their closet. It’s a skill they need to learn and it takes a lot of practice.
  • You will have to provide more help at first, and slowly you can withdraw help as they learn to do more things on their own. Teach them to ask for help when they need it.
  • Show them slowly and consciously – where the laundry goes, how to hang it to dry, how to fold it and where to put each type of clothing in the closet. Once may not be enough; you may have to show and remind them several times before they can internalize the process.
  • Be patient and don’t rush them. Don’t stand there hovering and watching them, give them some time to figure it out and then only step in when needed.

Please note! As with all Montessori teaching aids, we never force children or put any undue pressure on them to start using the closet. We set it up in an inviting way, showing them how to use it and letting them do so at their own time and pace. When you give your child a Montessori closet as a gift, you are also providing them with the tools to become empowered and reach their potential. You are laying the foundation for a self-sufficient adult who is capable of taking care of themselves and those around them.


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