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How to create a “Montessori classroom”

New baby parents must-read books, a search online can list a must-read 100, or even 10,000 books, but after reading multiple recommended catalogs, we found that there are a few books that are always at the top of the list: “Sears Parenting Book”, “Montessori Classroom” and so on, we will introduce Montessori Classroom today, in the end, what kind of magical reading materials, get so many educators, scholars, and parents enthusiastic about it?

Who is Montessori?

Maria Montessori, a world-renowned Italian early childhood educator in the 20th century, is the founder of the Montessori education method. Her unique educational philosophy advocates that “the child’s growth is neither a mere internal maturity nor a direct product of the environment or education, but is achieved through the experience gained by the child as he or she explores the environment”, which is often referred to as practical skills, or in common parlance, “hands-on skills”. This is what we often call practical skills or “hands-on” skills.

Montessori classroom advantages

Montessori focuses on the self-education of children through its original teaching aids. The major difference between Montessori and mainstream education is that when a child needs to do something, he or she does not say, “Mom, help me do it. Instead, she says, “Help me do it myself, so I can do it by myself. Everyone’s skills and confidence are gained through practice. If parents help out at this point, helping over and over again, children will not have the opportunity to practice and build confidence, and they will not be able to grow independently.

What kind of teaching aids are needed to prepare

Montessori teaching aids are divided into four categories: sensory education (more than 20 kinds), mathematics education (more than 40 kinds), language, science and culture education (more than 20 kinds), and daily life education aids (more than 10 kinds). Now there are 88 pieces; 137 pieces; 182 pieces and other different sets of combinations that can be purchased popularly. I think, seeing such a number, occasionally once or twice, the novelty of parents can still accept, but in the long run, “self-built” a Montessori classroom at home, or constantly buy some related Montessori classroom tools, watching the children at home more and more early childhood education items, is also a lot of parents discouraged.

Montessori’s educational philosophy is to create a playful learning environment for children that fosters both interest and hands-on exercise.


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