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What is the snake game?

In recent years, more and more Snake games appear in people’s eyes. Many parents have introduced this toy, but they are not detailed. I think many people have doubts about this: what is the snake game?

The snake game is a kind of mathematical toy composed of colorful beads representing different numbers, which is used to train children’s mathematical cognition and calculation ability. It can be divided into addition snake, subtraction snake, multiplication snake, and negative Snake games. It is a common mathematical teaching aid in Montessori education.

In this article, we will take the adder snake game as an example to make a brief introduction, including applicable age, game mode, and educational purpose, to help you understand the snake game in detail.

Adder snake game

Adder snake is a game suitable for children aged 3 and above. A set of toys consists of three parts: black and white beads representing numbers 1-9, colored beads representing numbers 1-9, golden beads representing numbers “10” and notch cards for counting and marking. The above materials are placed in color boxes of different colors and pallets.

So how do we play the adder snake game?

1. First of all, prepare a table mat, put the black and white beads on the right side of the table mat in numerical order, and introduce the usage of various beads to children.

2. Choose a question card and guide the child to take out the corresponding color bead string according to the question card and put it in a snake shape.

3. Count from left to right, separate each count to “10” with a card, replace the color bead string on the left side of the card with a gold bead string, replace the remaining color bead string on the right side of the card with the corresponding number of black and white bead string, and put the replaced color bead string aside for later checking.

4. Start counting from black and white bead string again, count to “10”, replace it with a gold bead string and corresponding black and white bead string, and put the replaced black bead string and color bead string back in place.

5. Repeat the above process until all the color beads are replaced with gold and black and white beads.

6. Add the string of gold beads and the string of black and white beads to get the answer.

7. Check: check whether the number in the question card is consistent with the color beads. Arrange the golden beads and black-and-white beads vertically to the lower left of the work blanket, and arrange the remaining colored beads to the right of the golden beads in the way of synthesis ten. If the number matches, it means that the answer is correct and the game can be ended.

We found a reference video for you. You can watch this video and have a try.Video

The subtraction Snake game is based on the addition Snake game and adds a gray bead string to represent the subtraction, so please use the subtraction Snake game after mastering the basis of the addition snake operation, and pay attention not to appear negative numbers.

Subtraction Snake game

Through the process of the game, we can feel that the snake game is used to cooperate with the addition and subtraction operation of error control and a variety of ways of calculation and verification of the game. It can consolidate children’s computing ability, help them enter the mental arithmetic category, and have a preliminary understanding of the concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In addition, the Snake game can also develop children’s focused, accurate and independent working attitude. All in all, it’s a great math aid.

After watching the adder snake game, do you know more about the snake game? There will be many interesting teaching aids in Montessori education, such as the digital jigsaw puzzle used to teach children to understand numbers and develop their cognitive ability, the geometric figure board used to help them understand geometry and lay the foundation for geometry learning, the spindle box used to guide the concept of “0” and strengthen the concept of number and quantity, the “number and chips” used to help them understand odd and even numbers, and so on. Montessori educational materials seem to be very simple, but they are very ingenious to use in specific activities, and have their unique educational significance, providing powerful help for children’s growth.

If you have any other information you would like to know, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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